Whole Foods Criticized For Selling Orange Peel in Plastic Containers

Whole Foods sells peeled oranges in plastic containers. Intends that consumers more easily consume, even Whole Foods shortly uai lot of criticism.Two days ago, a photo is uploaded into account Whole Foods on Twitter that displays an orange peel in the packaging plastic containers at Whole Foods, California with the caption, "Is now the people really lazy ?."

In the Fox News reports, Nathalie Gordon retweeted the photo and wrote, "Nature has already found a way to cover the fruit so that we do not have to waste so much plastic," and he is getting around 60,000 retweets from followers.

Some people on Twitter are also surprised, the article is a supermarket chain Whole Foods organic food. Supermarket is always encourage customers to bring their own shopping bags and be aware of environmental waste.

The most difficult plastic waste will contaminate natural parsed and up to tens or even hundreds of years so it needs to be deprecated.

"Every time I see pictures of orange peel in a plastic container Whole Foods I want to burn to the ground," said one Twitter account.

Realizing some people were upset with the photo, Whole Foods issued an apology for the orange peel and said they would stop it.

Parties Whole Foods said, this package will be withdrawn and they will sell directly to the skin orange. Pack the orange peel in the container is only one choice for consumers to eat fruit comfortably.

In addition many are disappointed, some people also support the existence of this packaging. They assess this idea may be good for people who are disabled or with certain medical conditions that are difficult to peel oranges.

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