With This Tool Can Be Sprayed into Surface Butter Bread

Put the butter is hard often makes bread so broken. But this problem will not occur with the use of butter spray.Usually the first after the butter needs to be left in place on the fridge for easy use in bread. But when there was a lot of time, such as breakfast, waiting for soft butter so a problem in itself.Now there is a solution to it. With Butter Biem Sprayer, frozen butter can be easily used.

How, enter the frozen butter in Biem Butter Sprayer. Then press the button to melt. In a few seconds, you can directly spray the butter on bread.
With This Tool Can Be Sprayed into Surface Butter Bread

This tool was created Doug Foreman of Texas. He made it because it was not like margarine or cooking spray on the market. For Doug, the product was filled with additives.

"So one day I started thinking why there is no simple spray for real butter? I mean, how difficult will it be realized? Apparently it is more difficult to manufacture than I thought. But after several years of testing and various prototypes, we succeed, "said Doug as reported by The Telegraph.

Doug added that until now there has never been a way to change the original so spray butter pieces within a few seconds. Various foods also can use Biem Butter Sprayer, adds Doug. For example garlic bread, steak and butter popcorn made without leaving the effects of excessive damp.

Doug is now seeking funds Biem Butter production Sprayer via Kickstarter. He has collected $ 87,000, doubling its target of $ 42,000. Doug expects its first deliveries sprayer for $ 99 that will begin in September this year.

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