Sensation 7 Pizza Asia, Pizza Bulgogi and Kimchi

Every now and then taste the pizza with toppings Asia. It feels unique and no less delicious with Italian toppings. From the chicken satay to bulgogi available!Pizza in Italy is generally served with a smear of tomato sauce and then given a variety of toppings. Of cheese, olive to processed meats. Now pizza is made with a variety of creations including with Asian flavors.Hotel Gran Melia Jakarta Asian introduce pizza in 'Pizza Explorer-Flavor of Asia' at the Lobby Lounge. There are seven types of unique pizza dish from six countries in Asia.

Starting from the Tom Yum Pizza, Pizza Bulgogi Kimchi, Chicken Tikka Pizza, Pizza Chicken Satay, Beef Rendang Pizza, Pizza Pecking Duck and Pizza Salmon Teriyaki.
"The selection of a taste of some of these countries are taken as Tom Yum, Salmon Teriyaki, Bulgogi and Kimchi also be one of comfort food in some countries of origin," said Gerald Prinz as the executive chef of Gran Melia Jakarta.
Sensation 7 Pizza Asia, Pizza Bulgogi and Kimchi

Pizza Bulgogi Kimchi can be one of your tasting. The contents there is kimchi, bulgogi meat paprika up with the scent of fragrant sesame and shoyu.
Pizza a la Korea has a very mild taste sour, savory and not too spicy. "We make kimchi is homemade with a fast time that is no more than one day so it's not too sour," said Gerald.

There was also the Chicken Tikka Pizza a la India. Pizza is thin crispy topping stuffed with onions, cilantro, green chili, curry may, yoghurt with added chunks of mozzarella cheese and green chili.
According to Gerald, fresh yoghurt to balance the spicy taste of Indian food. Most Indians eat a dish seasoned with spices and spicy mango lassi companion.

Aside from India, for you lovers of spicy food can also taste the pizza rendang and satay chicken with stuffing pizza interesting. Pizza with satay chicken topping made with a mixture of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese is melted, pieces of chicken satay and peanut sauce savory.

Not to forget there was a sprinkling of a few pieces of pickled cucumbers, carrots, shrimp crackers and cayenne pepper. "Additional prawn crackers to mengasilkan kriuk crisp taste better Indonesia," said chef humorous.

Pizza with toppings Minang rendang is likely to be a favorite of many people.
Shredded beef rendang spiced soft turns match also served with a tomato sauce, chunks of fresh tomato, red chili sambal lado mudo and that was not too spicy.
Seventh-dish pizza with an Asian touch this you can enjoy in Lobby Longe

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