Protect Small Animals from Heartworm!

"Heartworm is a kind of parasitic roundworm called dirofilaria immitis that matures inside the right side of the heart which eventually clog the pulmonary artery causing inflammation to the interior of the walls. Inflammation of these walls are said to be caused by irritation because of the thickening and roughening of the wall surface. Blood clots may form as an effect to this irritation and therefore blocks the passageway of blood to the blood vessel openings circulating the body from the lungs. Pulmonary hypertension is the result of back pressure transpiring because of the clogged vessels. Normal blood circulation is disrupted hence distressing the lungs and other vital organs' functions such as: the kidneys in producing anti-bodies, the heart in pumping blood too much, the liver and the red blood cells. When these happen, the host or the dog will eventually experience the symptoms of heart disease such as tiredness, exhaustion, coughing up with blood or just coughing, jaundices and emaciated.

Each year fatal diseases amongst our domestic pets bring heartaches to us, especially who values much our dogs and cats and the companionship that they offer in our lives. Pets have definitely played an important part in humans' lives and this is one of the reasons that made researchers and veterinarians eager to learn and uncover the mysteries that lie behind heartworm disease.

Heartworm disease, indeed, has been the most prevalent and common kind of illness experienced and acquired by domestic animals such as dogs and cats and wild animals as well that include coyotes, muskrats, wolves and the like. Dogs, however, are the most loved domestic pets of humans. Unfortunately, they are also the most infected species of heartworm disease. Ways on how to protect dogs from heartworm disease have been researched.

Since we do not want our dogs to experience all these, preventive measures should be administered to our pet dogs. First in the list is to give a monthly preventive medicine such as the beef-flavored wafer or the flavored tablet dog pills and drops for the skin to our dogs. Since the medicines are packed in such a delicious looking treat, dog owners will not have a hard time letting dogs take the medicine. These medicines may likewise be bought in drug stores although it is better to take our dogs in the veterinarian's clinic for proper diagnosis, administration of medicine and recording to ensure that everything is proper when it comes to providing medicines.

Amongst the famous and credible brands approved by authorities is the Heartgard and Proheart. Approved by the Food and Drug Authority, these medications are very affordable as they are effective in providing relief to our infected dogs. Although, of course, it should always be taken every month and with regular check-up since, if the dog has been seriously infected already, preventing the spread through these medicines may be very hard. Instead, chemical therapy with the use of another kind of medicine may be administered by the veterinarian. A natural alternative to prescription however is similarly available in the market and this is called Bandit's Nature's Sunshine.

According to studies, the herbs in this natural medicine have been known to fight against heartworm parasites and other forms of parasitic living organisms."

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