Benedict Cumberbatch face Embodied in Chocolate Rabbit

Last year, 183 cm tall chocolate is made much like Benedict Cumberbatch. This time, the British chocolate artist actually makes special Easter chocolate bunny with a face Batch!
Brighton chocolate artist or 'chocolatian', Jen Lindsey Clark created the 'Cumberbunnies'. "Everybody likes Batch !," said Lindsey Clark in Metro.

According to Lindsey, the actor who starred Frankenstein Sherlock Holmes and this is a great actor from England who was able to put his political views and that's when she looks really cool.
Chocolatian auctioning Cumberbunnies bronze version that aims to raise funds for refugees Calais. The rest is sold online and Lindsey also has plans to give it to someone special even though it was not Cumberbatch itself.

"I plan to send one to her mother but not her. Because maybe Batch would think it strange to eat her own face," added Lindsey.
Benedict Cumberbatch face Embodied in Chocolate Rabbit

Cumberbunnies made for the limited edition ahead of Easter with a choice of three different flavors and colors. You can select and bronze dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate with gold to 22 karat gold.

Unique Chocolate is also equipped with a bow tie dapper style. Cumberbunnies weighing 400 grams sold for $ 70

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