There Ramen with Strawberry Sauce and White Chocolate Topping

Japan never run out of ideas with ramen creations. More recently Menya Musashi ramen network makes the alloy ramen and sweetness.Menya Musashi is already known to make unique creations. Such as Green Tea and Milk Chocolate Ramen Ramen.
Menya Musashi has recently made a special ramen with the name of Ghana Tsuke White - The Scent of Strawberries. Using a noodle dish, strawberry sauce and white chocolate.

Presence to welcome the White Day which falls on March 14 in Japan. Menu available through the ticket vending machine at the restaurant at a price of 1,000 yen. The restaurant only provides 15 bowl Tsuke White Ghana every day. So that consumers also need to come quickly in order not to run out.
Rocketnews24 had tried such creations in Menya Musashi Shinjuku branch. They come when the new restaurant opens at 11:00.
There Ramen with Strawberry Sauce and White Chocolate Topping

When served, looks noodles topped with white chocolate, mint-scented steamed chicken, green vegetables, herbs and sliced ​​strawberries. Served with strawberry sauce pink.
The sauce comes from a mixture of strawberry juice and chicken broth. It feels balanced, blend of sweet and savory.

In addition there is a sweet white chocolate sauce the color of milk. It can be added to make it more sweet strawberry sauce.

While on ramen noodles more like a paste than most ramen noodles. Mie given a taste of small pieces of prosciutto, celery, onions and olive oil. On the surface there is a white chocolate powder Ghana.
Because tsukemen-style ramen, so the noodles dipped in strawberry sauce. Apparently when combined tastes pretty good, Rocketnews24 call.

Salty flavor of prosciutto and olive oil can be mixed with chicken broth. Despite the use of white chocolate powder, do not make it too sweet. Diseimbangi presence of strawberry, green vegetables and herbs.

Unfortunately this time Menya Musashi had not offered Tsuke Ghana White because White Day is over. But it seems this restaurant does not stop making unique creations ramen future.

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