Resto's Inter Service Provide Mango Rice Pudding Sauce Special Dog

Camile Restaurants in Dublin, Ireland offer rice pudding mango sauce that is safe for dogs. They provide services of the service delivery for this tasty dessert sweet.Not just a pet, many people think of dogs as part of the family. Hence they are often given a variety of good food.The owner of the dog in Dublin now be ordered rice pudding mango sauce for her beloved animals. Is a Thai restaurant, Camile providing services menu as well as the service delivery of this dessert. The restaurant claims it as the provider of the service delivery of the world's first dog food.

Daniel Green, a spokesman for Camile speaking at Mashable "Head chef we noticed when he came home with food, the dog will not be tempted by the aroma of the food. Do not want to feel guilty, he also made a special dish dogs. We felt this would be a great product for distribution to customers . "
The menu named 'Doggylicious Rice Pudding' which sold for 2.95 euro. In the form of rice pudding with mango sauce and biscuit topping Madeleine fancy.
Resto's Inter Service Provide Mango Rice Pudding Sauce Special Dog

Green admitted so far in response to 'Doggylicious Rice Pudding' is very good. "The number of keepers of dogs helped to increase the number of environmentally friendly dogs. Unfortunately, something that can be enjoyed at home with the dog still lacking. You should see your upload photos dog owners who've tried our service. It looks the dogs really enjoy our menu," said Green ,

Before the rice pudding, there is a healthy variety of biscuits and cakes are sold at The Fuzzy Dog, England. Meanwhile, in the Philippines there is a restaurant serving healthy food for dogs and their owners.

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