This 5 Interesting Facts Regarding history potato Chips

The potato chips or potato chips are popular snack in the world. It felt crunchy. Not just potatoes thinly sliced, these chips also have the unique facts.Americans as a fan of potato chips have a Potato Chip Day which is celebrated March every14. reveals interesting facts about the chips are made from the tuber Latin name Solanum tuberosum L. this.
This 5 Interesting Facts Regarding history potato Chips

1. Discovered by accident

George Crum was the Native Americans who invented potato chips. When he worked as a chef, she got complaints from customers about the fries were soggy and heavy. So he tried to make again.

Crum tried to cut the potatoes into thin, then fried until crisp. To complete the taste, the potato chips sprinkled with salt. As a result, potato chips crispy and savory, and well liked.

2. Never patented

After successfully making potato chips became a popular snack, Crum opened his own restaurant in 1860 under the name "Crumbs House". On each table was served a basket of potato chips. With this concept, Crum managed to make a number of upscale customers to come buy.

When the non-white people should not be applied for a patent and Crum never tried to patent the potato chips. Finally, the potato mass produced and sold in packs without putting his name.

3. The paper bag

At first, potato chips served in a paper bag. However, in 1926, Laura Scudder who has a family business chips in Monterey Park, California had the idea for ironing wax paper and make it into a bag.

Once filled with potato chips, and the top sealed. Wax paper can keep chips longer, and prevent crumbling.

4. Lay's brand fries first

Lay's potato chips became the first national brand in the American success in the market. Initially, in 1920 Herman Lay peddled potato chips in Southern from the trunk of his car. Hence potato chips so popular with the name of Lay's Potato.

In 1961 Herman acquire his company with Frito Lay, of Dallas and successfully marketed more widely.

5. Seasoning BBQ

In Joe "Spud" Murphy, the owner of a company called Tayto crisps in Ireland developed a technology to add seasoning during the process of making chips. He added cheese flavor, onion, salt, and vinegar.
In 1958 Herr is perusahanaan first to introduce a sense of barbecue potato chips in Pennsylvania that are still popular today.

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