Dare to Eat at the restaurant Dangling This cliff?

Dining at this restaurant is guaranteed misgivings. How come? The restaurant building was deliberately designed to hang on a cliff!Design firm in Mexico City, Tall Arquitectos presents a different atmosphere when designing Copper Canyon Cocktail Bar. It let the building bar jutting from a cliff and facing the second highest waterfall in Mexico, Basaseachic which reached 245 meters.
As reported by Fox News , this bar has two floors. The first floor in the form of area restaurants and bars with a table placed in the middle position.

There is a floor between the first and second floor of a building with a foothold in transparent glass. This makes the cliff has become increasingly apparent.

While on the second floor which occupies the top floor there is an observation deck. There are chairs, tables, and sofa lounge for dining guests. When you want to swim with the thrilling sensation of height, this bar menghadirkannya.
Dare to Eat at the restaurant Dangling This cliff?

Until now Copper Canyon Cocktail Bar is still a design. But it is not impossible to be realized real.

Previously, restaurants Fangweng in China also hung on the cliff. The exact location is in Happy Valley Xiling Gorge with stunning natural scenery.

Guests can taste traditional food made from fresh fish, duck, pork, and even a turtle. Both were watered vegetable or in spicy with pepper or chili powder.

Although both restaurants seemed awful being at a height, both are not the highest restaurant in the world. Is At.mosphere, the restaurant on the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa, Dubai holds the record with the high reaching 411 meters.

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