Suitable Sponge Cake and Cupcakes decorated with Butter Cream Beauty

Ornament-shaped flowers can enhance buttercream cake. But, not just any cake can be used. Need cake with a solid surface and texture.If you look at Instagram or other social media, many people are creative with cake with a pile of gorgeous flowers. The selected color is pastel colors are arranged pretty on top of the cake so it looks like a beautiful flower garden.

Generally sponge cake and butter cake type chosen for his cake texture is more sturdy and flat. S Ponge cake d ibuat with whisk eggs and sugar until smooth and thickened into a foam. Then added to the melted butter and flour are mixed.

As for butter type cake which as the name suggests wearing butter or butter as a main ingredient. create it by shaking the butter with the sugar into a creamy batter. Only then mixed with eggs and flour.
Suitable Sponge Cake and Cupcakes decorated with Butter Cream Beauty

Of the two types of different cakes manufacturing process, the cake can be varied by adding different flavors. There buttercheese, chocolate, vanilla, Red Velvet, green tea to lemon cake.
Sponge cake and butter cake is made with size 15 cm to 30 cm. This cake must be made the day before was decorated as to be cooled to form solid perfect. Then the new surface can be decorated shaped buttercream roses, peony, chrysanthemum to Daisy.

In addition was made in a large size, the cake can also be printed in a paper cup. Then the surface diolasi buttercream and decorated with flowers more petite shape. If you do not want to bother to make, you can also order directly to the pastry shop or order online

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