Cow urine Sale Packaged in London

Urine or cow urine can now be bought in shops in London. Of course this is contrary to the prohibition of the consumption of animal urine for health reasons.Liquid cow manure is named 'gau mutra' and is already sold in food stores. Chartered Institute of Environmental Health against sales.

According to the BBC News cow urine are sold labeled Hindi. Mentioned that the product in the form of cow urine for religious purposes. On display in one of the stores along with naan bread rack.
'The Hindus who came to buy cow urine keperluaan usually for religious ceremonies. For newborns suapya ceremony to bring good luck, 'said a shop assistant at Greenwich.
Gauri Das as Director of the Hare Krishna temple Watford, Bhaktivedanta Manor temple said to have taken a dairy farm to sell his urine.

"Because there is a demand South Asian people would cow urine. Cow urine is used for religious rituals, the goal of treatment to purify barnag. We do not sell them as human consumption, "he explained.

A spokesman for the Foods Standards Agency (FSA) said that although the urine of cattle was banned for human consumption but if used for external purposes are not classified se b agai foods. Although it could be unlawful.

'If the urine of cattle for human consumption, it must be proven safe. We strongly recommend not to sell cow urine in a human food is sold, 'so he said.
While Greenwich Borouh Council stated that non-food products derived from animals is prohibited. This is to protect consumers from dangerous diseases. Sales of cow urine in food stores will be investigated further.

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