Delicious breakfast with Granola Granola Matcha and Maize Soup

Granola is generally made of oat and various grains with a bland flavor. But in Japan there granola matcha up corn soup.Nissin through Gorotto Granola be packaged granola brands popular in Japan. There are three variants namely soybean homemade granola, fruit, and vegetables.As reported Rocket News 24, starting March 14, 2016, granola and fruit soybean variant will be added 2 new material. In the form of a popular matcha green tea (Uji Matcha) as well as potatoes and corn (Potato and Corn).

Varian matcha powdered green tea is made from the origin of the famous test of quality. In addition, there are also additional dice milk (milk cubes) soybeans are made from a mixture of powdered green tea and roasted soybean flour (kinako).

Delicious breakfast with Granola Granola Matcha and Maize Soup

Other complementary consist of adzuki beans, chestnut, and strawberry. Hmmm! There is a distinctive aroma of green tea which favors once the pack granola "Uji Matcha" opened.
His crisp oat texture with a slightly bitter taste peculiar interlude matcha. Fortunately, there is a balancing sweetness of sliced ​​strawberries.

No less interesting, granola flavor of potatoes and corn called "Carefully Selected Potato and Corn" made to resemble corn soup. The contents such as corn, potatoes, beans, carrots, and little slabs of bacon.

Granola is to spread the aroma of corn is strong. A matter of taste, the most dominant tercecap corn flavor with interludes salty taste typical pork bacon. "Strange but tasty in a blend," comments Rocket News 24.

Meanwhile, granola soy (Soy Granola) containing 7% more soybeans. In addition in the form of dice plain soy milk and soy milk kinako.
Nutty flavor typical of soy granola variants. "So intense and aromatic," wrote Rocket News 24.

While variants of fruit granola, "Luxury Fruit" contains 10% more fruit than ever before. Including pieces of unpeeled apple, mango, and pineapple texture similar to real fruit.

Additional pumpkin seeds, strawberries and raisins made granola variant is most similar to granola in general. The difference is, the fruit is soft, chewy, and rich in flavor!
Granola Gorotto series of new products are now available in supermarkets throughout Japan. Packaging 200 grams sold for 300 yen and 500 gram packs sold at 670 yen.

Breakfast is guaranteed much more enjoyable with this unique flavor granola. When he was in Japan, a time to sip green tea granola and corn soup!

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