Really Avocado Seed Rich Nutrition and Decent Eaten?

Recently, there is a video circulating on social media that demonstrate how to process avocado seed. It is said that this avocado seeds also contain nutrients. Is it true?The video demonstrates how to process the avocado seed by way of dried, chopped and mashed. This powder is mixed into smoothies or cake batter. Believed to be very high nutrient. No wonder if the video was seen by 25 million people since the 13th of March.

 "I'm a big fan of avocado and eat every day. Besides I also recommend to my clients to eat an avocado. But the seeds of avocado unproven, 'Cynthia Sass, Kontirbusi Editor Nutrition Health, reported as of

Really Avocado Seed Rich Nutrition and Decent Eaten?

Research on the consumption of avocado seed is very limited. In the current study, the scientists concluded that tembahan research needs to be done to determine whether the avocado seed is safe for consumption.

"There is evidence in the exploration of the potential health benefits of the avocado seed extract. But the potential benefits against the risks avocado seed consumption is not revealed, "said Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN, a nutritionist.

Even the California Avocado Commission does not recommend consumption of avocado seed. Since basically an avocado seed does not contain nutrients that are unfit for human consumption.

As long as there is no reliable research that mentions avocado seed is safe to eat and how often should be consumed, you should eat only flesh is creamy.
'Because avocados are rich in good fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants,' said Cynthia Sass.

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