Make Tea Lovers, Now With Serial KitKat with Sense of Tea 'I Love Tea'

Matcha KitKat Fans can now enjoy more choices of chocolate flavored tea. Following the popularity series "I Love Fruits" last year, is now present "I Love Tea" for tea-lovers.Nestle Japan has announced a further premium collection involving new flavors based tea. Collaborate with Yasumasa Takagi, renowned patissier and owner "Le Patissier Takagi", chocolate wafer was touted to have a better flavor profile and use a line of premium quality material.

Reporting from RocketNews24, series I Love Tea is available in five options. There Gyokuro (high-quality green tea), Koucha (black tea), Uroncha (Oolong tea), Houjicha (roasted green tea) and Genmaicha (green tea with roasted rice).

Gyokuro green tea is considered one of the best quality. Growing up under indirect sunlight resulting in a rich and mellow flavor.
For Koucha, using premium quality tea leaves combined with milk chocolate. The result is like a fruit aroma and flavor balance.
Make Tea Lovers, Now With Serial KitKat with Sense of Tea 'I Love Tea'

While Oolong Tea Kit Kat wearing a dark chocolate base. Had a bit of a bitter taste together with typical Oolong tea flavor.
Houjicha Kit Kat has a mild aroma and flavor tea. Using a blend of white chocolate and roasted green tea leaves.

Genmaicha itself is a unique blend of green tea leaves and popped rice. Sugars and starches from rice cause tread nutty flavor tea with the aroma of burnt rice.
Overall packaging types will be sold in boxes containing 10 pieces Kit Kat at a price of 2,484 yen. Each variant consists of two flavors in each box.

Series I Love Tea can be found in stores Kit Kat Chocolatory from 1 April 2016. However Shinjuku Takashimaya stores will sell them earlier than the official launch date, on 25 March

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