Beef Carpaccio and Duck Confit Available in Vending Machine in Paris

Vending machine typically contains only bottled drinks or snacks. But in France, there are now vending machines that contain more fancy food products.Rue de Charonne in the area east of Paris has a lot of butchery. But this did not deter the owner of one shop made vending machine for meat.Associated Press reported butchery "L'ami Txulette" on Rue de Charonne make meat vending machine that can be accessed 24 hours. Installation is already there. It finished first in Paris.

Florence and Michel Pouzol of L'ami Txulette invested 40,000 euros to realize the project. Stores that specialize in products of the Basque Country was selling meat with vacuum packaging to keep them fresh in-cooled engine.
Beef Carpaccio and Duck Confit Available in Vending Machine in Paris

"We closed two days, Sunday and Monday. So this is to serve customers over the weekend. The idea is also to serve the people steelah hour closed shop. We close at 8 pm but some people got off work late and found the store is closed when passed, "said Florence Pouzol told the Associated Press.

Of machines owned by the store, consumers can choose a variety of traditional foods. Such as duck confit and beef carpaccio. There is also a faux-filet steak at a price of 34 euros per kilogram. The average product in machinery sold 20 euro cents more expensive than those sold at the store. Buyers can make payment by cash or credit card.

Although the majority of shops are closed on Sunday in France, Pouzol sure France is changing fast. Likewise, consumer habits.

The store's customers are mostly young said he was happy to buy the meat at anytime. While parents, especially retirees feel less useful the vending machine because they can butcher shop anytime.

The baguette vending machines have previously been successful in France during the last five years. While the meat business in the vending machine remains in an embryonic stage there.

The first machine of this type installed front of a bar three years ago in the small town of Garat by butchers. According to the owner of the bar, its presence adds to the comfort in an area with services that are still shortcomings.

"We do not have a butcher shop in the city, the first one is located three kilometers. When you finish work at 7 pm, the existence of this machine is very helpful," said Jo Ferreira, owner of the bar in Garat.

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