Supermarket in Canada Selling Fruit and Vegetables at Cheaper Prices

After English and French, is now in Canada helped Loblaw supermarket selling fruit and vegetables disabilities. The price is 30% cheaper than normal fruits and vegetables.'Naturally Imperfect' sell apples and potato-shaped defect in March last year. Strong consumer demand makes Loblaw supermarket chain offers fruit and vegetables other defects such as peppers, onions, and mushrooms through this brand. Whole fruits and vegetables supplied to other stores, including the Real Canadian Superstore, Zehrs, and Your Independent Grocer.

Senior Director of Loblaw, Dan Branson explained last year the program is so beneficial solution for both food manufacturers and consumers. Manufacturers may sell products that do not pass the standard, while consumers can buy fruits and vegetables at a cheaper price. Generally fruits and vegetables processed into juice defects, sauce, or soup.

Supermarket in Canada Selling Fruit and Vegetables at Cheaper Prices

"(Program) is really running well and exceeded our expectations. At the same show Canadians out there actually looking for choice," Branson said, as quoted by Oddity Central.

Ian Gordon as Senior Vice President of Loblaw added, when talking about the production of fruits and vegetables, Canadians understand that beauty is more than skin appearance.

"Our customers realize they still get the same flavor and nutrients even buy fruit and vegetables disabilities. Positive response from the sale of apples and potatoes last year showed us the opportunity to develop 'Naturally Imperfect," said Gordon.

Branson explained the nature does not always give yields of fruits and vegetables with perfect form. He explains, "I want people to close my eyes and try our apples and apple products is number 1. I'm sure there will be no difference in taste."

Some examples of products sold 'Naturally Imperfect' colored apple is not perfect, has a few scratches, or small potatoes that do not fit the standard supermarket.

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