Chocolate teapot It Can Be Used for Hot Chocolate Brew

A pot usually made of porcelain, but the teapot sold different Firebox. Made from dark chocolate, this could brew a pot of hot chocolate and so chocolate fondue!
Online sites based in London, Firebox launches chocolate or chocolate teapot teapot unique. Handmade teapot is made from dark chocolate with 58% cacao mass. It weighs the same as a regular teapot is 600 grams.

Chocolate teapot It Can Be Used for Hot Chocolate Brew

Users can make a hot chocolate drink simply by pouring hot water and cocoa powder into a pot.
When you get bored of tea, add more water into the teapot to serve as a chocolate teapot chocolate fondue. Certainly more fun when molten chocolate dicocoli banana, strawberry, or marshmallows.
In the website of Firebox (3.9) describes a chocolate teapot is also made from sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier (soya lecithin), vanilla essence, and shellac E904. Provided ahead of Easter, this teapot is sold 24.99 euros

Previously, chocolate teapot had already been made Nestle. Nestle is the Master Chocolatier, John Castello who use dark chocolate with 65 percent cacao mass as the main ingredient.

This teapot can pour hot water and used to brew tea for 2 minutes. Although the resulting tea is not tea, chocolate, chocolate teapot prove Castello experiment turned out to be quite handy to use. Simultaneously break the expression 'chocolate teapot' which means a useless thing.

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