Flower Arrangement Pastel colors that beautify Cakes

The use of buttercream for cake decoration European style has long been recognized. But now the trend appears flower-shaped decorations inspired from Korea.Since last year a lot of popping photo cake with pretty floral decoration pile in social media. Ranging from decorations to round up sponge cake cupcake. Generally quite diverse forms of interest with the use of pastel colors.

The decor is a lot of so-called Korean Flower Buttercream because originally appeared in Korea. They revive the trend of European style buttercream cake sed adi more modern and luxurious. Pastry expert, chef Yong Gunawan also had predicted buttercream Korean style with gorgeous flowers form is still a trend

In Korea which had been popular cake with an array of flowers arranged neatly and very detailed. Flower color also looks shiny and clear. It appears to resemble a collection of original flowers for decoration form can be either 2D or 3D.
Flower Arrangement Pastel colors that beautify Cakes

There are more than 30 flowers can be used for decoration. Most types of roses shaped like a lot of variety. Besides, there are also combined peonies, white orchid, chrysanthemum, magnolia, Daisy, Apple Blossom, Baby Breath, Ranunculus, lisianthus, Craspedia up to Succulent.

Regarding buttercream used, Koreans use Swiss Meringue Buttercream (SMB) or Italian Meringue Buttercream (IMB). Both types are similar, the difference lies in the method of manufacture.

SMB is made by heating sugar and whisk together the egg whites in a way steamed in hot water until the temperature reaches 75 degrees Celsius, before stirring (whip) meringue. While the IMB made by adding hot sugar syrup to the meringue is beaten, a new plus butter and flavorings. The results of both types form a smooth buttercream.

But both these buttercream had a weakness for the weather Indonesia. Among them less resistant to the temperature of the room so it needs to be stored in the refrigerator. To last longer, can also wear classic buttercream of shortening whipped with icing sugar or powdered sugar.

While spuitnya, Korean Buttercream wearing various types. For each flower usually use a different syringe. Sometimes there is a special syringe made in Korea that is not found elsewhere. It becomes more characteristic of Korean style floral decorations.

Of course, to make the buttercream flowers are gorgeous and satisfying need specialized training and patience. Looking at the trend continues to grow, more and more are now in Indonesia are offering a short course of making these decorations.

In a special review this time, detikfood will reveal more about the trend of Korean Flower Buttercream. Starting from buttercream constituent materials, special equipment to places to learn.

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