Who Invented the Air Conditioner? History of Air Conditioning - Biography of John Gorrie

Who Invented the Air Conditioner? History of Air Conditioning - John Gorrie. cooling technique has been started since Roman times by making water containers flowing inside the walls of the house so as to lower the room temperature, but then only certain people can because of the cost of building it is very expensive because it requires water and also unusual buildings. Only kings and wealthy people can build it. 

It was not until 1820 that a British scientist named Michael Faraday discovered a new way of cooling the air using Ammonia Gas and in 1842 a doctor discovered how to cool the room at Apalachicola hospital in Florida Ameika United. Dr.John Gorriewas the one who discovered it and this was the forerunner of air conditioning technology but unfortunately before it was complete he died in 1855. 

Willis Haviland Carrier an Engineer from New York America who is also known as the inventor of modern air conditioner has improved the invention of Dr.Jhon Gorrie but this air conditioner is used not for human interest or convenience but for printing purposes and other industries. The use of air conditioning for new housing was developed in 1927 and first used in a house in Mineapolis, Minnesota. 
Who Invented the Air Conditioner? History of Air Conditioning - John Gorrie

Discovery of John Gorrie

John Gorrie was born October 3, 1803 - and passed away on June 29, 1855. He was a physician, scientist, inventor, and humanitarian. 
Gorrie ice machine scheme

Born on the island of Nevis to Scotland parents on October 3, 1803, he spent his childhood in South Carolina. He received medical education at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Western District of New York at Fairfield, New York. In 1833, he moved to Apalachicola, Florida, a port city on the Gulf coast. In addition to being a resident doctor at two hospitals, Gorrie is active in the community. On numerous occasions he served as a board member, Postmaster, President of Bank of Pensacola at Apalachicola Branch, Secretary of Masonic Lodge, and was one of the founding vestrymen of Trinity Episcopal Church.

Dr. Gorrie's medical research involved a study of tropical diseases. A theory says that bad air causes disease is a common hypothesis and based on this theory, it urges drying swamps and cooling sickrooms. For this he cooled the room with ice in a basin suspended on the ceiling. The cold air, becoming heavier, flowed down across the patient and through a hole near the floor. Since the ice had to be carried by boat from the northern lake, Gorrie experimented with making artificial ice. 

After 1845, he abandoned his medical practice to pursue a cooling project. On May 6, 1851, Gorrie was awarded Patent No. 8080 for an Icemaker. The original model of this machine and the scientific article he wrote were at the Smithsonian Institution.

Gorrie tried to raise money to produce the machine, but the effort failed when his partner died. Gorrie died in exile on June 29, 1855. He is buried in Gorrie Square Apalachicola. 

For the services of Gorrie, AC is currently used in all sectors, not only industry but also in offices and housing with various forms, ranging from large to small. Everything still works the same ie to cool the room temperature for people to feel comfortable.

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