Who Invented the Fax Machines? History Of Fax Machines - Biography of Alexander Bain

Who Invented the Fax Machines? History Of Fax Machines- Alexander Bain was born in Watten, Caithness, Scotland, October 1811 is a watchmaker and instrument of origin Scotland. He patented the ancestors of fax machines, and he was recognized as the inventor of the fax machine. He is a versatile inventor and technician who then installed the first telegraph line along the railway line between Edinburgh and Glasgow. 

Alexander Bain was the man who invented the first fax machine in 1843. He believed that the symbol used in Morse code could be applied visually, not just from hearing.

Bain as a watchmaker has been able to use his knowledge to serve as the basic concept of modern fax machines. The idea of ​​using electrical signals generated by telegraph operators is a major step in telecommunications. In Bain devices, signals will pass through a type of paper soaked in a chemical. 
Who Invented the Fax Machines? History Of Fax Machines

The signal will then cause the chemical to evaporate, leaving a long or short mark in Morse code. These marks have the potential to be able to transmit information faster and can record pressure holes, which allow it to be transmitted automatically. This device is known as the "chemistry" telegraph.

At that time, faxes can not be delivered seeprti now. Telegraph signals are the first successful fax machines that can send messages by regulating electrical current. The fax machine must be modernized with various innovations and development. 

fax technology is based on the invention of the telegraph, because by telegraph the fax machine is created. In its time, fax sender used telegraph cable network. In 1843 faxing through telephone lines was not a possibility, since the phone was not found for more than 30 years.

The basic concept behind the fax machine is to send facsimiles, technological advances and other discoveries have led to the evolution of our modern fax machine. The original concept of Alexander Bain. The idea is that you can scan images, images or text, and scanned images can be interpreted as signals on boxes that are switched on or off. That is, the information will appear as light and dark to the mechanics of the receiving fax machine, which will then print the image.

Fax machines began to become very popular in 1983 when the International Telephonique et Telegraphique Consultative Committee (or CCITT Group 3) established standard protocols for faxing.

The CCITT is an organization that sets international communication standards, and fax becomes the standard of submission of documents at that time. Fax machines are fast becoming commonplace in the business world. They immediately liked Bly to send legal documents. Although it has been reduced due to the use of email and other technologies, many businesses depend on fax technology to this day. 

Although more and more people are turning to internet fax , fax machines are still considered a very important piece of technology. 

Alexander Bain died at Kirkintilloch, January 2, 1877 at age 65, his body was buried in the Old Aisle Cemetery.

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