Who Invented The Watches? History Of Watches- Biography of Peter Henlein

Who Invented The Watches? History Of Watches- Biography of Peter Henlein. Discoverer of Watches - Peter Henlein. Peter Henlein (also spelled Henle or Hele) (1485 - Aug 1542), was a locksmith and watchmaker from Nuremberg, Germany. He is often regarded as the inventor of the watch (Watch), although some say that others have ideas like him, but peterlah proven. 

Henlein was one of the first craftsmen to make small decorative taschenuhr, a portable clock often worn as a pendant or attached to a suit that was considered the first watch. 

At a young age, Peter Henlein had been an apprentice as a locksmith. At that time, the locksmith was a skilled craftsman and was a new field in watchmaking, and Heinlein also included a watchmaker.
Peter Henlein Statue

On September 7, 1504, he was involved in a fight among fellow locksmith, George Glaser, dead. He sought asylum at a local Franciscan monastery, and he lived there for four years, until 1508. 

In 1509 he became a teacher in the city's locksmith guild. It became known as a small portable ornamental clock maker of brass-powered spring, the clock is very rare and expensive and is a fashionable statue worn among the nobility of the time. 

The clock is sometimes worn as a pendant or attached to a garment, the clock can be considered as the first watch, although it is longer than 3 inches so it can not fit in the pocket. this clock is larger than the pocket watch that appears in the next century.
Henlein watches
Henlein watches

In the town records, the Henlein clock is referred to as a small semi-driven clock supplier, given as a gift to important people. He allegedly the first craftsman to build clockworks into "Bisamkopfe", a small container made of precious metal for fragrances or disinfectants. For example the Nuremberg paper notes that in 1524 he was paid 15 florins to watch the golden musk. He also built a clock tower for the Lichtenau castle of 1541, and is known as the maker of scientific instruments.

Peter Henlein is a famous and talented watchmaker, but there are other clockmakers who make small clocks at that time even though the sources are not clear. Perhaps the idea of ​​this clock had existed in the early 1400s, almost a century before his work. The man who talked about him came from his colleagues from Johann Neudorfer in 1547 shortly after his death: 

"Henlein was very nearly the first of those who invented how to put small clocks into little boxes"

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