Heinrich Hertz - Inventor of the theory of Electromagnetic Radiation and Photoelectric Effects

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz is a German physicist who invented the delivery of electrical energy from 2 point (point) without wires (wireless). His most recent invention is the electric charge jump. He was born on February 22, 1857 and passed away on January 1, 1894. 

Hertz sued his education at the Institut University of Kiel, University of Karlsruhe, University of Bonn. His university at the University of Munich, University of Berlin. He is a Doctoral Counselor from Hermann von Helmholtz . He is also known for his discoveries on Electromagnetic Radiation and Photoelectric Effects.

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz is regarded as the most meritorious figure in the field of Electromagnetism, the branch of physics about the electromagnetic field studying the electric field and magnetic field. The electric field can be produced by static electricity charges, and can give rise to electrical force. The magnetic field can be produced by the movement of electrical charges, such as the electric current flowing along the wire and giving rise to magnetic force.

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz 

Born: February 22, 1857 Hamburg
Died: January 1, 1894 (age 36) 
Bonn, Germany
Place of residence: Germany
Nationality: Germany
Fields: Physics, Electronics
Institution: University of Kiel, 
University of Karlsruhe, University of Bonn
Alma mater: University of Munich, 
University of Berlin

Academic counselors: 
Hermann von Helmholtz
Known for: Electromagnetic Radiation, 
Photoelectric effect

The term "electromagnetism" comes from the fact that electric fields and magnetic fields are mutually "twisted" / related, and in many ways, it is impossible to separate them. For example, a change in the magnetic field can provide an increase to the electric field; which is a phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, and is the basis of the operation of electric generators, induction motors, and transformers. 

The term electrodynamics is sometimes used to refer to a combination of electromagnetism with mechanics. This subject deals with the effects of electromagnetic fields in the mechanical properties of electrically charged particles.

To appreciate the services of Heinrich Rudolf Hertz for his contribution in the field of electromagnetism his name is enshrined in units of hertz frequency, Hertz is the SI unit for frequencies denoting the number of waves in one second (1 Hertz = 1 wave per second). This unit can be used to measure any periodic wave. Example: The frequency of clock wall motion is 1 Hz.
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