This is the World's Most Expensive Ham Organic, 6000 dollar one piece

Ham of Spain in the form of a whole pig thigh is produced by Eduardo Donato of Dehesa Maladua. Limited sale at fantastic prices.Each Dehesa Maladua a tender thigh only producing 80 pigs. Iberian ham is ham of organic certified. Produced from pigs reared in the village of Cortegana, southern Spain.

Pigs Manchado de Jabugo with striped fur color of dark chocolate has been bred since 25 years ago, Eduardo Donato the farmers expressed their human rights as the most expensive in the world.

As rumored in the form of fruit ham thighs is sold at a price of about 6000 dollars in his shop. Ham have already won the annual award Biofach is considered as a 'Oscar' in the organic food industry.

As we all know the price is determined by the type of Iberico ham pigs are bred, how to eat, how ham is processed and the resulting flavor.

Now, 22,500 pigs were bred Dehes Maladua and allowed to roam around the village. A year only 80 hams ham produced. Because the pig takes 3 years to adults and even then not necessarily thigh meat is of sufficient quality to be processed ham.

What is the secret of success of organic Iberica Donato produce the best ham in the world? 'Patience, passion and pleasure', so he said.

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