Things to Remember When Picking Out a Puppy

"One of the biggest mistakes that people make when choosing a dog is picking a breed that's not appropriate for their lifestyle. Before choosing a dog, you have to keep in mind how you live and how you want the dog to be. 

 Lifestyle factor 

 Like humans, dogs have different personalities and these personalities are usually related to their breed. If you want a family dog that's good with kids, you'd want to get a dog that more relaxed, independent and handles stress and other people well. If you're athletic, you'll want a dog that can move around with you and doesn't tier too easily. The best way to pick a puppy is to know how the puppy acts. Don't base your decision on what you see on TV or pictures. Do a little background check on the puppies personality. 
Things to Remember When Picking Out a Puppy

 Check the litter 

 When you decide what type of breed you want, then it's time for you to check out the puppy itself. Besides the breed's personality, dogs also have their own personalities that you have look at. Go to the pet shop or the kennel and check how the puppy interacts with you, with other people and other dogs. If you have kids, bring them with you to see how the puppy acts around them. Again, you want to match the puppy's personality with how you live. If the puppy's a little too shy and hides in one corner of the room, then you probably want a puppy that's more playful and engaging. 

 Health Factor 

 When picking out a puppy, it's also good to know what health issues might arise when they get older. Some breeds are known to get sick with certain illnesses, such as German Shepherds and degenerative myelopathy. You also have to make sure that the dog heath is not compromised at his new home. Some dogs are better off with large, open areas or big yards and lawns where they can run around and play. If these dogs are placed in an area where they can hardly move around, it might affect their health. 


 Lastly, make sure you can handle the size of the dog you're choosing. Some people want to get large dogs but can't take good enough care of them. Toy dogs are easy to take care of and most of them need very little maintenance. Smaller dogs are also less prone to degenerative myelopathy and other joint, never and bone illnesses. The problem with them is they really can't play the guard dog because of their size."

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