Discover The Correct Way Of Picking Up Your Dachshund

"Do you know that your Dachshund can be injured just by getting picked up the wrong way? 

 I didn't know this and almost ruined my beautiful little Dachshund Nellie. 

 Would you like to discover the best way to pick up your Dachshund, so you don't injure them? To often children are allowed to pick up their Dachshund and they usually do it incorrectly. 

 Far too often the pickup is done with one hand under the weiner dogs middle, bending them in half. 

 Dachshund back problems can be tied directly to the way families lift their dog. 
Discover The Correct Way Of Picking Up Your Dachshund

 One characteristic of a Dachshund, is their long spine, and that spine can break if twisted or bent by a bad pick up method. Whenever the spine is damaged it is tougher to have a complete recovery for the dog. 

 Most of the dogs I have owned were short back dogs, such as Yorkshire Terriers and Rat Terriers. My kids and I could pick up most of them with just one hand under the rib cage. 

 The dog I have now, Nellie, is the first Dachshund. Sweet little Nellie has grown from a 10 ounce puppy to a 19 pound adult dog. 

 She would whimper in pain each time I picked her up with an under the rib cage pick up. Her back would bend in half and I should have realized how bad this type of lifting was. 

 If you do some research you soon realize that Dachshund backs are very vulnerable to injury. Two things that cause many back issues for Dachshunds are jumping on furniture and being picked up the wrong way. 

 When I discovered all the problems that could happen, I began to pick up Nellie using what I call my Two Hand Method. 

 The way I do it now is to put my first hand beneath her chest and the other hand right in front of her rear legs, under her stomach. The back and spine are now straight and her body weight is evenly distributed. 

 What a difference this new method makes. I feel very comfortable that I am not going to hurt my dog and give her any kind of back problems. 

 All members of your family should realize that your Dachshund can be hurt just by getting picked up. Many parts of the spine system can be destroyed when contorted into unusual positions, by twisting or bending. Picking up your pet may cause spine damage if it is done incorrectly. With a little practice you can learn to pick up your Dachshund correctly and save yourself and your dog a great deal of grief."

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