Puppy Care - Caring for Big Dog Breed Puppies

"When picking out a dog, you need to consider its size. If you ever decide to get a puppy from a large dog breed, get ready to take care of a big baby. Many people pick out large breeds because they want the dog to become a guard dog when it's fully grown, but more often than not, puppies from large breeds will need special care, especially when it comes to their diet.
Puppy Care - Caring for Big Dog Breed Puppies

Here are some things to watch over when caring for a large dog breed puppy.


These dogs need a big bed or space to lie on when it's time to sleep. It's crucial that they get enough sleep and rest so that they don't encounter any growth problems. You can get them a soft, thick mat where they can lie down or you can buy them a dog bed.

When picking out a dog bed, make sure you get one that's going to be big enough to fit and support the dog until it's fully grown. In case your dog develops muscle and nerve problems, as is the case with DM in dogs, , a big bed is going to be a tremendous help.


Large breed puppies need all the nutrients they can get to help them grow. They eat a lot, so prepare a good supply of dog food. You also need to check if the dog food you are giving them fits their age.

To be on the safe side, you can get puppy starter kits that are basically a specific mix of dog food for puppies. Starter kits also help the dogs get enough nutrients especially if they got separated from their mother's as an early age. Giving them the right amount of nutrients during an early age helps avoid illnesses from developing when they become older.


These dogs grow rapidly, and it's best that their environment is kept safe so that they don't get into accidents. Anything that could fall off a table, make them trip or slip, or cause them to knock things over has to be kept far away from them. They should also be given supervision if they are inside the house, in case they might get into trouble. Your approach to your puppy should be the same as handling an infant-both can be fragile.

Health and Exercise

To develop strong bones and muscles, large breed puppies need more exercise compared to other puppies. Take time to give them a walk or play with them on the lawn so they can stretch their legs and run around. Don't forget to bring them to the vet for regular check-ups and ask about food supplements, shots and other ways to help them grow strong and healthy. Have the vet check of any common large dog breed illnesses like DM in dogs, arthritis and joint and hip problems."

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