Pet Proofing Your Home Using Indoor Dog Gates

"Most people know that when you have a toddler running through your home you are going to need a baby gate to keep them safe. Well the same hold true for your furry friend, using indoor dog gates will keep them confined so your pet will be safe. When you bring a new pet into your home it can be overwhelming to figure out how to take care of them and give them just what they need. That is why I recommend that you do what new parents have to do with their homes, and I call it pet proofing, much like baby proofing, it is something you must do to keep your pet safe and secure. 

 Pet proofing can be a bit easier since most dogs are pretty smart and can be trained in a quick amount of time. Consistency and praise are the most important two things, when it comes to training a dog. I have four dogs, and this seems to be the best way in my opinion to get them trained with out your dog thinking you are being mean. Just like with children love goes along way when you are training your pet and this will make them try harder because that is a dogs nature, to make you pleased with them. 
Pet Proofing Your Home Using Indoor Dog Gates

 One other tool I have found to be most useful is indoor dog gates. They can be placed anywhere with ease and can help you to keep your sanity while keeping your pet safe and sound. I have seen some pet owners that decided to not use pet gates and found that their dogs will tear up their home, furniture or shoes. The pet gets into trouble for it and this is turn will make both the dog and the master feel bad. If you set boundaries for your dog at a young age they will respect you, and your home more. This will make for a happy and healthy relationship with your dog, which is a real rewarding experience. 

 I have also found that I can clean up my house or have a dinner party a lot easier with the use of indoor dog gates, which I know some of my guest appreciate since I am well aware that not everyone is going to be a dog person. Dog gates can make a better experience for your dog, and your guest so that you can avoid any awkward situations. 

 I do have a fenced in yard I can put them in when I have guests. But when it is raining or really cold outside I do not feel right about putting my furry friends out there to suffer since my pets are used to being indoors. In contrast I do not want to lose my friends just because they are not comfortable around a dog. 

 With the proper love and encouragement your pet can be a really well behaved member of your family. Just remember that a lot of love and praise, and setting boundaries will make your dog respect you more and give them a feeling of trust that will make them a better pet for you. And safety first when it comes to dog gates, just check out  for more about indoor dog gates and what types you may find the most useful for your home."

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