The Advantages of Using Kennels For Pets

"Each year millions of pet owners a faced with the task of finding reliable holiday care for their pets while they jet off on holiday. The best kennels are very often booked up months in advance and even more so over the popular holiday periods. It is vital that you start planning early to ensure that you find suitable boarding facilities for your pet to cover the dates of your trip.

It is important that you take time to find the right boarding service for your pet's need, not only for your own peace of mind but also for your pet's welfare. It is a good idea to contact dog kennels or cat kennels in your area and ask questions about the service they offer. Contact at least three kennels in your area so you can make a decent comparison. Once you have narrowed down your choice you will need to visit the kennels in person. This is very important as you do not want to turn up the day before you are due to go on holiday and find out that the facilities are not what you are expecting and end up with nowhere to board your pet while you are away.
The Advantages of Using Kennels For Pets

Any reputable kennel will welcome visits without a prior appointment and this is an excellent way to find how the kennel runs on a day to day basis. When you pay a visit to the kennels have a good look at the places your pet will be sleeping, playing and exercising in. Some dog kennels have a range of different kennel sizes so check to see what size your dog will be staying in. Pets that are already being boarded should look relaxed and even if they get a little excited at your arrival, they should settle quickly.

Dog kennels and cat kennels should provide your pet with an exercise run and a sleeping area. Dogs should have regular walks or access to a large exercise pen that is secure. You should check with the kennel to find out the frequency and duration of the walks they provide. A dog can become stressed in a kennel environment if they do not get enough exercise. Dog kennels and cat kennels should be designed so that pets from different households do not come into contact with each other as this will minimize the danger of spreading infections. Kennels should be clean and tide as well as being light and well ventilated and there should be no bad smells. Pens should be secure, well maintained and well built.

Dog kennels and cat kennels should be licensed by their local authority and should have their current certificate clearly displayed to prove this. Some kennels are also a member of a professional body that set further standards such as the Pet Care Trust or they have vet references."

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