6 Tips For Renting With Pets

Ticks On Dogs, "The rental market is going strong, but it can still be a problem finding a place to rent if you have pets. Here are some tips for renting with pets to help.

Remember, in a landlord or property owner's mind, the downside to allowing pets is the potential for damage to the home or the risk of disrupting other tenants. If you can quash these threats, you're on your way to renting with your furry friends in tow.

1. Provide proof that you're a good pet owner of an equally good animal. If you've had your dog taken to obedience classes, provide proof. Show a history of keeping the animal well-groomed. Talk about local connections you have to the animal community to prove that you are an informed, involved pet owner.

2. Make it personal without going overboard. Your landlord doesn't want to the know the entire, sentimental back story of how you rescued your dog or cat, but telling about its age, its history, its size and weight, its good qualities, its positive behavior  of these can help paint a better picture of your pet. If amenable, bring your animal to meet your future landlord.

3. Offer monetary compensation. Many apartments and condos will require a non-refundable pet deposit that will be used to repair any damage the animal does after the tenant moves out. If one is not required, offer to pay one. Another way you can compensate monetarily for your pet is by having the carpets in your home cleaned at least once a year during your stay there.

4. Offer to provide references. Did you adopt your dog from a shelter? If so, request a reference letter from the organization. Have you lived other places with your pet before? Contact previous landlords and ask for brief testimonials as to your solid background as a pet owner. Think of other people who have been around your animal who can vouch for its good behavior--groomers, pet sitters, veterinarians. Your vet is also a great source for a health reference proving that your pet is current on all vaccinations and of sound health.

5. Provide proof of or offer to acquire renters' insurance. Some landlords are concerned that a dog will injure another tenant, and many renters' insurance policies will provide you, the owner, as well as the landlord with some level of protection.

6. Think of any other value you can offer the community as a pet owner? Can you occasionally watch other tenant's pets when they're out of town? What about starting a dog walking group or organizing times where pet owners come together to pick up the pet-friendly common spaces?

Some landlords will have a 100%, unwavering, no-pets policy, typically based on poor past experiences. But many others, wanting to occupy the property and reap the financial rewards that brings, are flexible. Do all you can to assuage concerns about property damage, sound complaints and pet unpredictability. Provide more than just your word to illustrate that your pet is a smart, safe and well-mannered animal, and support this further with vet documents, grooming receipts and obedience class certificates showing that, like your pet, you are responsible and care for the well being of your pet."

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