Artificial or Natural Insemination - A better choice for dog breeding

"Insemination is very essential for the bulldogs may it is prepared artificially or they can breed naturally. In many cases, the artificial breeding is recommended for many reasons. Most of the bulldog breeds cannot carry out the mating procedure without the instructions or they should not try because they are familiar with each other. Frustration is very risky and may cause injury and overheating. So for this reason many breeders give preference to the artificial breeding process. In artificial breeding procedure, an experienced stud master is very essential without his or her assistance the mating procedure can't be completed successfully. 

Breeders should have complete knowledge about both breeds completely up to three generation; proper knowledge will help in making this artificial insemination procedure successfully. The natural breeding also needs proper guidance and assistance. The natural breeding also be planned, supervised and guided by experienced stud master. The natural breeding demands more care and attention as compared to the other dog breed due to various reasons. Morphology is the main factor that does not allow the bulldogs to start mating with bitch and it is not easy for stud master to start breeding process easily.

Morphology of the dogs, where the huge weight part lie on the forequarters that make them heavy and the dam support a high weight dam of the other dog. The bulldogs are very sensitive to the heat and the bulldogs will easily get overheat, it helps in effective mating. Breeding table can help a lot and helps in preventing these breeding problems. The table is very helpful and helps the stud how to do when the bitch is standing in a specific state. The breeding table does not solve many problems in artificial breeding process like the transferring of diseases and infections. The breeding table can't prevent from tie, injury and from overheating. The main advantage of the breeding table is that it helps the stud feel more relax and comfortable during the tie process. Artificial insemination is good for those breeders that live far from each other and want to research and explore more about the bulldogs. Responsible and the reputable breeders are always ready to travel and find the ideal companion that matches in term of personality, temperament and morphology.

It is not recommended that the breeders find the mate in near town and starts mating. When the breeder finds the ideal mate then there should be an agreement between the breeder and the owner. While the process of insemination the male and female bulldog should give proper comfort and good environment. They feel relax and comfortable, if the environment is not comfortable then it is very difficult for both of them to do breeding. The artificial insemination procedure, breeders have to lot of research and have to find the ideal mate and artificial insemination creates more problems as compared to the natural insemination. Natural and artificial insemination both has its own advantages and disadvantages, depends on the breeder which method they adopt for breeding."

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