Signs Your Dog is Stressed and How to Relieve It

"Dog Stress: How do you recognize that your dog is stressed out or behaving strangely? As the world around us changes our dogs have to adapt to an ever-changing human orientated society and this in turn can cause extra stress for our dogs.

We forget that this new world of ours is becoming increasingly alien to our four legged friends and we expect them to adapt straight away. How many dog owners ever think that their dog will suffer from stress brought on by the environment that is around them?

Loud and unusual noises coming from the television or radio can even cause additional stress in certain breeds of dogs.

The pleasant experience like a wild chase in the park with a ball or stick or even playing games is different from the everyday stress that our environment brings.

When we suffer from stress something has to give and shows itself in the form of either physical illness or nervous breakdown. So dogs have the same problem the only thing is they cannot tell us how they feel.

Dogs are very sensitive animals and prone to more stressful situations than we give them credit for. Dogs spend most of their free time sleeping and if they are not allowed to do so, then they're going to suffer from a form of sleep deprivation.

So what can cause your dog to become stressed? For one thing life style changes and interfering in its routine habits caused by you.

Expecting too much of your dog by taking too long walks or too much exercise.

Just a simple mixing with noisy excitable children can induce a stressful situation in a dog, which could cause a stress-related problem if the dog is not allowed to rest afterwards.

Like we humans' different dog breeds have varied levels of stress and also certain foods can have an adverse affect on the excitement level of a canine.

Here are a few tips that may be help to alleviate stress and your dog.

When your dog is being subjected to too unusual noises that cause unusual behavior you have to remove this kind of situation or keep them away from similar irritants.

Remember your dog is not super dog so try not to over exercise him. Yes too much can cause stress.

Keep them out of the hot sun and do not walk them in hot weather to prevent heat stress.

Some dogs react to fireworks and thunder, use soundproof rooms or drugs or electric plugins. All these have some use dependent on the severity of the symptoms.

Note his stress levels after exercise, is he uncomfortable and clearly overly tired. Many dogs have short bursts of energy and then like to rest.

The problem is that many dog owners think they should keep walking, keep running, and keep exercising in an effort to tire the dog out.

Dogs like regular meals at the same time everyday along with plenty of rest and gentle exercise.

Do not forget, dependent on the type of dog, that some exercises will be too vigorous for your particular breed of dog and you may end up with a physical stress strain.

When out walking try and avoid conflicting situations, such as aggressive dogs' excessive noise or crowds.

With most active dogs when exercise feeding and playing they require at least 18 hours of sleep a day, which only leaves 6 hours of activity and feeding. Unfortunately most dogs never achieve this ideal state of affairs.

Remember a dog acts like a dog, thinks like a dog, eats like a dog, and has the mind of a dog. Just let them be dogs and do not expect them to be like us. They are animals that will give you untold pleasure and friendship if you remember this simple fact."

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