Giving Tender Loving Care to Lab Puppies

"Seriously eyeing lab puppies and bring home one as a family pet? Being a pet parent entails a huge responsibility, so if you think you can provide for a doggie's basic needs and rein in the breed's unfavorable tendencies, then you're ready to be lab puppy owner.

Labrador pups tend to have the penchant for chewing on objects, but you can train the dog and reverse the destructive ways, but you need to allot time and be patient. Have at hand non-toxic doggie toys and natural chews apart from all other dog essentials.

Generally, a Labrador Retriever can respond well to training. Now if you don't want to go through that, just choose a trained adult dog already exhibiting positive traits. Getting your dog from a good breeder will ensure a pup that's not only free of defects but also has excellent temperament. You can expect to have in your Labrador pup all the positive traits it is noted for - extremely friendly and able to peacefully co-exist with other animals, with self-restraint given the right training, intelligent, affectionate, energetic, and easy to train.

Before deciding to take your pick from adorable looking lab puppies that will grow up to be large & bouncy, take a moment to ponder if you're up to the task of caring for such a dog. A Labrador Retriever may not be the right dog for you if you want one that'll be sleeping at home all day.

Overall, Labradors - as proud and satisfied lab pup owners can attest to - can be great home companions. They can interact well with kids (though of course you still need to constantly monitor them and not leave children alone with the dog), tend to be protective, and can be a real delight. A Labrador pup can be quite loving and incredibly sweet, and can play a game of fetch or swim with human companions tirelessly.

Just as Labrador pups tend to have all the energy to play, they also generally love to eat, too. Being a voracious eater, the Labrador is one dog breed that has the tendency to become obese. The trick is not to leave food down for your pet to gobble up all day. It may be a good idea to figure out the amount of food your pet needs all day corresponding to the current weight, and feed the dog small meals spaced at regular intervals. Giving all-natural food and treats, knowing which foods are a no-no (or are toxic for your dog) and maintaining regular exercise for your dog are all important.

As a good pet parent, you also need to pay attention to your Labrador's immunizations. Just like with human infants, you need to build up immunity in your dog to withstand canine diseases. Vaccinations consist of several shots until the pup is about four to five months old. The early shots include those for distemper, parvo, and so on. Consult your veterinarian also for suitable vitamins for lab puppies, especially if you tend to give your pooch mostly processed foods devoid of essential nutrients for growth and development."

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