Benefits of Choosing an Alternative Elizabethan Collar

"Are you like me, trying to address any of the below situations?Did your pet ever have a surgery situation that you did your own research about Elizabethan collar, before visiting your veterinarian or animal hospital?Are you struggling to decide what type collar to use for your dog or cat? Did you know that there are many alternatives to a traditional Elizabethan collars / Lampshade collars or Cone collars?

You don't have to make your dog or cat, endure the ""Cone of SHAME."" Although these collars are effective for some dog or cat breeds, they are very uncomfortable. After a surgical procedure, as a pet owner you would want your cat or dog to be as comfortable as possible. This will help them have a quick recovery and the free you from the post-surgery anxiety.After anesthesia effect weakens, most pet owners get a sense of reality when the pet starts to panic or react very differently when the cat or dog is surrounded by the cone collar. Most times, the veterinarian might not be able to give a specific direction other than advising a follow-up visit. Frustratingly, there is not much your veterinarian can do other than suggest some alternative collars. Some pet owners go ahead and try to create their own restraint / prevention collar out of household products to help their pets have a comfortable and healthy healing process. Some cases, it might work but mostly the pet has its way in freeing itself and getting access to the surgery area. This aggravates the situation and opens up the surgery area.

The traditional cone collars are pretty large and inconvenient for a cat or dog but they work well for some breeds. Some alternative soft collars and neck braces don't provide enough support to restrain the dog from licking the wound. Some dogs are extremely uncomfortable and will find a way to get to the affected area forcing you to constantly monitor them. One other important aspect that pet owners who have used an Elizabethan collar or traditional cone collars complain about the fact that their cat or dog doesn't eat, or even relieve themselves! They become despondent, filled with low energy and sometimes very unhappy.

It is also a proven fact, that mood can affect the healing process. Many pet owners report about the dangers with the typical E-collar, their cat or dog has limited or no peripheral vision. To continue on with their natural lifestyle, some start moving around (many don't). If they start moving around, they generally start bumping into furniture and other objects in and around the  that starts to happen, they become afraid to move about or are restricted by the pet owner from moving around. Not many of the Elizabethan collar / E-collar alternatives offer good vision, comfort, and flexibility for the pet. The soft E-collar alternatives don't offer as much support as the firm neck braces. Some of the cats (mostly the dogs) find a way to puncture them and / or tear them up, forcing the pet owner to get another one or make a trip to the veterinarian.

Firm E-collar alternatives have been known to be better products especially if they have multiple uses. The Hagar collar has multiple uses such as a brace for the dog's leg, neck or torso and also an IV splint! This brace is highly recommended as your dog's vision isn't affected and it can be used for any future  alternative Elizabethan collars extremely effective and works by restricting your cat or your dog's neck to keep it from licking the wound or the surgery area.

These are just a few of the experiences to consider when your dog has just had surgery. If you're concerned with the comfort of your pet and aren't happy with the traditional cone collar, the Hagar Collar is definitely a product you should try. I wish I had known of the Hagar Collar when my shepherd mix dog was severely injured. His injuries were extensive and required a lot of stitches. He had to take medication and had a drain area also.

I have since learned of the Hagar Collar and believe it would have helped in several areas. I would have been able to care for his wound easier. I wouldn't have had to worry so much about him licking the area. My veterinarian didn't suggest an alternative E-collar nor did I do the required online research well (there are many options out there). Second, I think it would have allowed me peace of mind. I was constantly checking the wound for infection, insects etc. I worried my expensive veterinary visit was going to turn into another veterinarian bill, because of infections to the surgery area.

Had I know about the Hagar Collar (by doing online research) or would have been introduced by my veterinarian before his accident, I would have avoided my stressful 2 weeks. My mind would have had some relief and my pet would have had a lot more comfort.Right after I found out about Hagar Collar from a friend of mine, I decided to order it and have it handy and be more prepared by having it on hand. Sure enough, I landed in that situation wh

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