Homemade vs. Store-brought Pet Food

"Store-brought dog foods are there to make feeding easier and convenient while providing the ideal nutritional elements for your pet. However, certain pet food recalls have alarmed owners and increased the distrust towards manufactured pet food. In 2007, a certain dog food brand was controversial due to the wheat gluten substance found in it. This substance has Melamine, which is used to produce fertilizers and plastics, and shouldn't be in any kind of pet food whatsoever. Wheat gluten has been associated to kidney failure in pets. In March 2007, more than 100 pet deaths were reported and 500 cases of kidney failure. 

 Such recalls are reason enough to stick to homemade dog recipes but not all store-brought pet food can put your beloved animal friends at risk. Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons and how we can wisely choose what's best for our dogs and cats. 

 Although many store-brought foods are available in the market, as a consumer and pet owner, you can be more careful of your purchases to ensure you are buying quality and safe products. First, make sure that you are aware of dog food recalls and carefully understand the ingredients and labels on store-brought pet food. Relying on well-recognized brands that pass the AAFCO standards will give less to worry about your pet's basic food and nutritional needs. If you choose to avoid pet food without proper labels on them, you will reduce the health risks. 

 Homemade food, on the other hand, has particular pros and cons as well. If you are not aware of what is good and bad food for your pets, you are also putting them at risk. Take note that not all human foods are good for animal consumption. Some can cause diarrhea, affect liver function, and can even choke your dog to death. For example, most people have the wrong notion that bones are natural food for dogs when in fact it can be dangerous to your dogs feeding habits and health. It can be a cause of choking which will be life-threatening for the pet. 

 Let's admit that it is fairly easy to prepare just about any available food for your pet but being confident that these won't put them at risk is not as easy anymore. Be aware of foods that are unsafe for animal consumption. You can search online for a good list of good and bad foods for pet. You can also consult with your local veterinarian for recommendations. Knowing this by heart or at least having a list on your fridge door for easy reference can be useful in keeping you informed of what is and what's not good for your animal friend. You can also search online for dog food recipes to help you out. 

 As you can see, both store brought and homemade pet food have their own pros and cons but it's up to you as a pet owner to be aware of the risks and ensure that what you will feed your pet with the balanced and proper nutrition he or she needs."

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