Social Housing Scheme is 'For The Birds'

"The snowdrops are up, Spring is just around the corner and love is in the air! Valentine's Day on 14th February traditionally marks the time when your birds start to pair up for the breeding season and begin looking for available accommodation! As we all know, the availability of 'natural nesting sites' within gardens and homes has dramatically declined and National Nest Box Week was launched way back in 1997 to encourage people to create alternative nesting sites for birds. Since then there is an estimated 5 - 6 million boxes in gardens across the UK. Whether you have a small garden in the middle of town or a large garden in the countryside, a nest box will provide a warm, safe home this spring.

We at Street End Farm would like to do our bit to help. For the month of February we will be offering our customers and their wild garden birds a simple wooden nest box worth 7.95. Of course, this great offer is subject to limited stocks so first come first served!

More Great Offers on Bird Houses We also have a great deal on our range of Cedar plus* nest boxes. Save 10% on all Cedar plus * nest boxes. Please visit our website to view our full range of bird nest boxes.

Street End Farm's Own Bird Cake Mix In response to customer requests (thank you), we can also now supply you with our own Bird Cake Mix which contains 90% of home grown seeds - all grown here by Richard on Street End Farm. So if you are thinking of things to do during school half - term holiday why not make up some high energy, nutritious bird cake with the kids? It is an easy recipe - 1 part suet:3 parts Bird Cake Mix.

Suet Coated Bird Food Treat We are also now supplying suet coated peanuts, suet balls, fat balls for birds, and suet coated sunflower hearts in bulk packs of 5kg and 10kg, which reduces the cost/kg to you. These are very nutritious, high energy feeds for your garden birds and are a real treat during these colder winter months.

Wild Bird Emergency Ration Packs Our 'Emergency Rations Pack' contains

A 2.5kg pack of Mealworm Plus Hi Energy Treat (HE suet pellets with insect, raisins and dried mealworms), 2 High Energy Suet Feasts, 2 Peanut Coconut Halves 1 Giant Fatball. Buying the Rations Pack for 15 - saves you 2.75 off the individual item price and should the bad weather arrive unexpectedly, you have all your garden birds catered for.

Pick and Pix Your Own Bird Feed Selections We also offer Pick and Mix section, where you can fill a bag with a selection of your favourite bird food and bird seed. Our wild bird food and garden bird food are fresh farm produce with no mess mixes, won't grow mix, husk free mix, just quality wild bird seed like peanuts, niger seed, sunflower seeds, poultry corn and sunflower hearts.

More For Your Birds And yes don't forget to visit our bird feeding accessories, where we offer bird feeders, bird seed feeders, ground bird feeding, bird tables, cage feeders, window feeders, seed trays, etc.

Many thanks for your custom, and as always, please keep in touch and let us know how we are doing we value all your comments."

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