How to Make a Chicken Coop in The Best Possible Manner

"We all love simply love our house. It can be called a safe and a relaxing retreat after a hard day's work. A house caters to your basic needs and provides you comfort. If you have planned to raise chickens in your backyard then you should meticulously plan the entire set up for the small yet energetic species.

If you are perplexed by the question how to build hen house then you should surf the internet for the best and unique ideas. Raising chickens is a costly affair so you should resort to building a hen house in an economical manner. There are thousands of pages dedicated to the topic of how to build hen house and you should comprehensively read the relevant matter and then start implementing the ideas that suits you the best.

You should remember that the hen house should be proximate to your home. If there are any complications, you can swiftly reach and solve issues without wasting any time in travelling. The chicks should at a distance from the neighbors so that they do not complain about the smell and noise created in the safe haven of the chicken. The spaciousness and hygienic conditions should be kept in mind while building the chicken coop.

The number of chickens will decide the length and width of the house. There should be enough space for all chickens so that they do not bang in to one another and cause unwanted accidents. The floor space should be sufficient so that chicks can sleep and eat in a comfortable manner. The hen house should be built at a height from the ground so that during rainy days the murky water does not seep into the house, cause dirt, and smell everywhere.

The roof should be detachable so that you can regularly clean the house and this will prevent the growth of lice on the chicks. Other infections and diseases will be at bay if adequate healthy conditions prevail in the home of the chickens. The door and the windows will provide ventilation and light to enter the hen house. The chicken excreta should be collected every alternate day so that the hen house is clean and healthy. This will keep the house neat and tidy.

There should be lightweight wooden boxes so that chickens can lay their eggs there. The house should have a temperature of 55 degree Fahrenheit so that it is conducive for the growth and development of the eggs."

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