Things You Need to Think About When You Make A Chicken Coop

"There are plenty of valid reasons why anyone would want to make a chicken coop in their backyards. For one thing you can be sure about what goes in to your eggs and chicken so your family's health will not be at risk, and you can save money in your family's food budget if you can produce your own food.

If you are thinking of putting up your own chicken coop then here are some tips on how you should go about in building one. The first thing that you need to think about is the number of chickens you are planning on keeping. Obviously if you want to keep a lot of chickens, like say 10 or more birds, you will definitely get a lot more eggs every day, but owning that many birds also takes a lot of work.

If you are a beginner at raising poultry you may not know just how much effort you need to put into it to produce the results that you need. You need to keep the chickens well fed and watered so that they will be happy and healthy enough to lay eggs. When you are drawing up the plans to make a chicken coop you also need to take into consideration how you will be cleaning it.

Chicken coops need to be cleaned on a regular basis because if you do not then the manure would start to pile up and would endanger the health of your chickens. You should consider putting in slatted floors so that you can easily clean it by just spraying it with water from a garden hose. You can also try installing a collector underneath the floor so that you can use the chicken manure to fertilize your garden as well. If you are not really up to the task of cleaning after your chickens in a regular basis and you are also not planning on keeping that many chickens anyway, then you should try making a chicken tractor instead of a coop. Chicken tractors are small and movable chicken coops used to house 2 to 3 chickens, these are rather low maintenance since you just need to move the tractor if you find that the current location is getting rather dirty from all the manure. You will more or less ensure your success in raising chickens just by taking these tips into consideration when you make a chicken coop."

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