Bird Room Filtration Systems

"The air quality in your bird room needs to be fresh and clean 24 hours a day in order to insure the best possible quality of life for your pet. The filtering system that you choose needs to have the following 5 features in order to be effective. 

 Multiple Filtration Stages---Sending the air through a series of filters systematically and meticulously clears the air of various sized particulates. Having a canister that contains at least 4 filters means the air is thoroughly cleaned before it is sent back out into the room. 

 Long Lasting Filter---The longer the filters are able to remain effective, the more filtration hours you receive for your money. Having multiple filters will allow particles to be filtered according to size. This means that one expensive filter does not have to used up for particles that could just as easily be removed by a larger and less expensive filter. 

 Having the unit contain a filter that effectively removes gaseous pollutants is a real plus. Birds are notoriously sensitive to gases and were often used in less than humane ways. Taking birds into the mines and having them die when the gases got to a dangerous level is the way miners use to cut their exposure to deadly fumes. 

 Pet birds are still extremely vulnerable to gaseous odors and chemicals. Having at least one filter that can remove them means one a single can remove both gaseous and particulate hazards. This is a savings on money and space. 

 The other advantage to not having to constantly replace the filter is that it lowers your cost to run the unit. And there's no down side to that. 

 Easy Maintenance---Maintenance should include vacuuming the outside without having to stop the cleaner. Maintenance for the purifier should only need to be done when you are doing regularly scheduled cleaning of your home. It can certainly done more frequently, but the less you have to do, the more time you can spend enjoying your bird. 

 Replacing the filter should take a maximum of 10 minutes. A complicated and involved procedure doesn't encourage you to replace the filter, and for every minute the air is not being cleaned, the air quality is deteriorating for you and your pet. 

 Flexible Placement---A bird room should be all about the birds. A cleaner should be able to be placed anywhere in the room and still function well. A unit that can pull air from all 4 sides will give you the flexibility of placement that is often needed in an aviary. 

 360 degree intake also allows you to place the unit as close as 6 inches to any surface and still have it work well. The ability to place it close to walls or other furniture lessens cord hazards---tripping for people, and chewing for birds. 

 Purer Air---The goal for any filtration system is to provide the purest air possible. Doing this without emitting controversial by-products such as ozone and ionized particles is the by most bird-lovers' standards the best option to choose. HEPA and carbon filters have longed been acknowledged as 2 of the safest and effective filters for creating purer, and healthier air."

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