Management Handbook For Small Dogs

"Modern society, people are increasingly keen on keeping pets. Whether is to find a spiritual, or need an auxiliary of life, pet keeping early like an investment, with pay will have a corresponding return. I will introduce some of the considerations of keeping small dogs in addition to the purchase of pet supplies; everyone can enjoy happy life more than dog healthy growth.

First, carry the dog home. When you have selected your dog, you must ask the original master about the dog's date of birth, eating habits as well as deworming, when having the vaccine and which manufacturers; if it is not vaccinated, must give it injection.

Take a nice name for your dog home. Continue to raise the dog a few days in accordance with the original owner tells you. Each meal, use special utensils, when fed to call its name, makes it used to and knows that you are its new master. Note: not give it a bath until it adapts to the new environment.
Management Handbook For Small Dogs

The ventilation of the dog house must be good, and arrange it a very comfortable bed. Arrived in the new environment, the little puppy will feel lonely and thus crying non-stop at night because of mother-child separation, this time should be given to understanding, do not scold it crying. But two 3 days only, it will soon adapt to the environment, then it will play with you or play alone, very cute.

Dog will be lost in a fog after feeding, it may be to have a bowel movement, then be patient and train it to develop the habit of defecation in a fixed place, and you can choose the dog diapers to do guide and necessary training. Do not think that it is young; otherwise it will cause unnecessary trouble in the future.

The dog house must keep dry, sanitation, ventilation, and be cleaned everyday as well as completely eliminate once a week. Besides, as the small dog body is weak or sensitive about the temperature, you may wear them dog clothes whether for beauty or keeping warm.

Due to the small size of the dog, so there is no need to give it a lot of cages, dog standing and turning head will not hit the cage top, with the right space to lie down, turn around easily can do this, you can. Because of the small dog like Chihuahua, Pomeranian, their foot is small, in order to maintain a tense and powerful toes, to prevent the toes release the (beautiful) affecting the contents of step the dog cage floor is best to be covered with a pillow or a more dense floor.

As the beginning of this article said, keeping pets need the owner's patience and careful, have to pay will return. Though small dogs can't help humans do many things as working dogs, but also bring comfort for people from the spirit."

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