How to Make healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes Your Dog Will Love

"Making your dog his own food at home takes little effort, but can make a discernible difference in his health. Exert control over your dog's nutrition by designing his meals yourself. 

 Dogs' dietary needs are neither the same as ours, nor, as they age, the same as their younger selves. When you make your own dog food at home, you can engineer your pet's meals to suit his stage in life, a much better fit than the one-size-fits-all philosophy of most grocery store brands. Homemade dog food, with its fresh and wholesome ingredients, outshines even the high-quality age- and size-specific brands from the vet. 

 Though tossing your dogs daily steaks might be the plan that most appeals to them, it's not the best thing for their health. When you cook for your dog, about 20 percent of the meal should be meat. Dogs not only love meat, they also need its protein for proper muscle development. Yet they rely on other nutrients for healthy bones and tissues and good digestion. In your kitchen, whether you decide on turkey, chicken or beef, the meat element of the recipe will certainly be your dog's favorite part. 

 By nature, dogs are omnivores. As most pet owners have witnessed, often to their chagrin, dogs eat anything. Use this to your advantage by including some vitamin-packed vegetables in your recipe. Though it may be hard to believe, many dogs are crazy about nutritious plant foods such as sweet potatoes. Broccoli and green beans, too, just cooked enough to be palatable, are surprising favorites. Add a finely chopped vegetable to your homemade dog food to supply the vitamins that your pet, were he in the wild, would gather from plants or berries. How to Make healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes Your Dog Will Love

 Store-bought brands frequently go wrong with grains: from the start, for reasons of economy, they focus primarily on inexpensive filler. However, using a judicious amount of grains to bulk up your recipe helps your dog satisfy his appetite and is gentle on the digestive system. Brown rice, a particular favorite among dogs, is relatively high in protein and makes a sound part of a homemade dog dinner. 
How to Make healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes Your Dog Will Love

 Other suitable additions to a homemade dog food blend are dry milk or yogurt, for calcium, and beef or chicken broth, for a boost of flavor. Take care as you serve your creation that your dog does not eat more than he needs. Too much of a good thing can make a dog fat, and with the weight comes the health problems associated with canine obesity. A dog from a large breed can healthily take in around 400 calories a day, while a smaller breed should consume food that adds up to less than half that total. Keep your dog's size and age in mind as you consider the components and proportions of your recipe."

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