Dog Diet - Wet or Dry Food? What Should You Be Feeding Your Dog

"Picking out what brand of dog food can be a challenge. You'll want something that does not only contain all the essential nutrients and vitamins that your doggy needs to function and grow, it also needs to be something that they'll enjoy eating. There are basically two forms of dog food in the market, a dry, kibble mix and the ones that you get from a carton or can, which are usually pasty or moist. 

 So what do you choose? Here are a few tips on what kind of dog food to get. 

 It all boils down to content 

 It could look like the best meal on earth, but if it doesn't have the nutrition, skip it. Choosing dog food boils down to what's in it. Instead of looking at what it looks like, check on the content and the nutritional value. Does it contain all the vitamins and minerals needed for your pup? If it does, then it's the best brand you can get. Remember, a good diet helps your doggy to stay healthy and avoid illnesses like degenerative myelopathy. 

 Test it 

 Sometime, dogs do get a bit picky when it comes to food. You can test the brand by giving your doggy dry dog food and moist dog food. Check which one it seems to like better and use that one. Some dry dog food can actually turn moist and saucy if you add water to it. This is another choice if you want to save money. It will also help minimize the chance of your doggy developing digestive problems because it switches form one brand to another. 

 You dog's condition also matters 

 Dry food is not the best option for your doggy in certain situations. If your dog is sick, like if it has degenerative myelopathy, you're better off using moist dog food since it's easier for them to eat this. When a doggy is not capable to stand up and eat, you'll need to use dog food that's in paste or slurry form and feed it with a feeding tube or dropper. 

 Cleanliness is also a factor 

 If your dog eats like a slob, don't give it wet food. It might just end up spilling all over the floor and cleanup is going to be a challenge. Use dry dog food. It's less hassle to clean up and it won't mess up the floor."

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