Rules in Giving Your Puppy Healthy Dog Treats

"Healthy dog treats are a part of your puppy's well-being. One of its uses is in the training education of your puppy. For example, you want your puppy to learn a specific trick such as shaking the hands of a person or sitting for good behavior. In order to do this, you must teach your puppy step by step in doing the desired actions. When he gets the hang of it, you must give him a treat as a reward for his obedience.

Aside from training, the dog treats are used for discipline. As a dog owner, you should learn to take the upper hand from your dog and show him who is the master. It can be hard at first especially if your dog has the aplha breed attitude and personality. These kinds of dogs are resistant to rules and control, but you should learn to earn their respect so they will give in immediately. At the end of the day, your dog will know you as his master and you can facilitate this by giving him healthy dog treats when he deserve it.
Rules in Giving Your Puppy Healthy Dog Treats

One of the common mistakes most pet owners do is to treat dog treats as some sort of junk food for their pets. If this is the case, then the dog will see it as regular dog food to which he is entitled to when he is hungry. They will no longer see it as an occasional treat in which discipline and training is associated. It may be hard to resist the cute puppy dog eyes your pet use on you to get the treats easily. But the more you give in, the harder it will be to earn your dog's respect and he will not obey you in your basic orders.

There are instances also in which dog owners give healthy dog treats to pets if they are teething. If your puppy is in that phase, then you should buy a play ball or a toy instead. That will sharpen his teeth and make it stronger. It will also teach your puppy on how to behave during his alone time - specifically in times when you are away from the house.

A dog treat is supposed to be a special treat given only on special occasions. It is made of high calories and giving too much to your puppy can negatively affect his diet. Furthermore, the treats do not contain such a high amount of nutritional value as compared to dog food and kibble. They are the equivalents of junk food in the dog's vocabulary so owners must give just the right pieces. Remember that your puppy's stomach is so small, it can only take in little amount of food. Too much will make your pet vomit.

In a way, the giving of treats must also be disciplined in the part of the dog owner. They should learn how to assert their power with the dog by effectively using dog treats as a tool. The dog would surely grow up to be one kind, lovable, and obedient pet if they are trained well by their masters during their earlier years."

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