Four Tips For Keeping The Dog at First Time

"If you want a dog, but have no experience for keeping the dog. In the early stage, this is big problem for them to purchase dogs. Should raising a large dog or small dog? Is to select the puppy or adult dog? Select a male dog or bitch? What kind of pet supplies should prepare for dogs? And here I would like to tell some advice for you.

First, a large dog or small dog: many of my friends like to keep large dogs. Large dogs may have greater deterrent effect against the invaders. But purchase fee and feeding will be more expensive. Large amount of dog food, excrete amount is large, large amount of exercise is clearly not suitable to live in the apartment area of the city center. Young children and the elderly may not be able to control large dogs. Even the Dog Training Collar cannot keep the large dog in hands. Although most of the large dog's temperaments are tame. Slender small dogs needs more exercise are more suitable for families with the elderly and children. Small dogs are more susceptible to injury, usually more sensitive, easily excited and barking.
Four Tips For Keeping The Dog at First Time

Second, puppies or adult dogs: usually choose puppies, small puppies will grow up in the family and the host to establish a firm mutual trust. Make it is easier to training in home. Watching the puppies growing up day to day is also happiness cannot be replaced. But the process of growing puppies will spend a lot of time and effort to master. For the elderly, too lively puppy may be a burden. Adult dogs usually will retain attachment attitude to former owner. Remain a number of previous habits is not easy to change. For the master lack of energy, Adult dog will free from worry. Typically, once the stray dog is more appreciative of the warmth of new home. When you give them comfortable dog bed at night, they also will feel grateful. Adopt stray dogs is also the good choice.

Third, male dogs or female dogs: bitch would be more docile and more attached to the master. Every year there will be two period of estrus. During which the temperament of the bitch will become unstable, and will stain the floor at home. If you let the bitch have the baby, take care of it is also time-consuming, though have the fun of owning large amount of puppies. Male dogs have the strong physical. They can learn more, but usually body odor is a little heavier. They are relatively difficult in training. The strong instinct domination may lead them to battle with other male dogs.

Forth, pet suppliers: the pet suppliers are necessary for one dog have, such as: dog bed, dog collars. Other items can depend on your own needs. Own the right dog can add more interesting to your life."

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