Things to Consider when Picking a Puppy

"Many kids wake up on Christmas morning to find their first pet dog under the Christmas tree. Although it might be a great idea to surprise your kids with a new dogs, you might want to take note of a few considerations when picking out a breed. Most kids would just say yes to any puppy, but as they grow older, and bigger, you may begin to wonder if you made the right choice. 

Things to Consider when Picking a Puppy

 Here are a few tips to help pick out which breed and puppy is right for you. 


 Know what type of dogs you and your family wants and needs. Remember to fit the dog's breed to your lifestyle so your family and the dogs will enjoy each other's company better. For example, if you want to keep your house spotless, then you'll want a shed-less dog. If you have other pets in the house, then you will need to get a dog that can live with other animals well. 

 Never Get a Dog Just Because it Looks Good 

 Some breeds will always look better than others, but this shouldn't be the main basis of why you're going to get that dog. You will find a puppy that's going to be irresistibly adorable, but always remember what the breed is known for and if you can live with the dog's traits. You also need to know that some good looking dogs are prone to illness like DM in dogs so choose the ones that you know are generally healthy or that you're confident that you can take care of if they become ill. 

 Dominant or Submissive? 

 Think of how dominant or submissive you want your dog to be. Dominant dogs might need a longer time to train and can be hard to discipline, but they are outgoing, social, energetic and protective. Submissive dogs are easier to train and are obedient, but they can become too dependent and scared if you leave them alone. 

 Know the Puppy's Background 

 It's important that you check the dog's health and even the dog's bloodline. Some dogs may become ill with genetic diseases, such as DM in dogs, because their genes make them prone to it. By looking at the puppy's parents, you can also predict more or less how the puppy is going to look like when it is fully grown. Check the size, color and bone structure of the dog before making the final decision."

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