Pets 101 - Resting/Sleeping Area for Dogs

"You might take this for granted, but it's important to give your dog a good place to sleep. You might think that your dog will do fine sleeping anywhere on the floor, under the bed or in some small space that they love to hide in, but is it really a good place for them to have a good night's sleep? 

 Below are a few tips on how you can prepare a good sleeping area for your dog. 
Pets 101 - Resting/Sleeping Area for Dogs

 Consider their size 

 A big dog is going to need a big space to sleep in. Consider one side of the living room, somewhere they can stretch their legs and lie down properly. Small to medium sides dogs don't really have to deal with space problems. They can lounge around comfortably in homes with limited or small spaces like city apartments or even condos. 

 Pads and mats 

 You can make it more comfortable for your dog by laying down a few pads and mats on the area where they sleep. There are special sleeping mats, and even beds, for dogs that you can buy at pet shops, but a regular floor mat, a small rug, even those padded puzzle pieces that you usually see in children's rooms will work well. If your dog has degenerative myelopathy, then it's important to place mats in their resting area to avoid sores. 

 Train it 

 If your dog has a habit of cramming into a small space, like under the cabinet or in a corner, train it to sleep somewhere it can actually sleep well. Some dogs insist on sleeping in these areas for a reason, maybe because it's warmer or cooler, or they like to sleep in dark area. Try to analyze what these areas have and mimic it to where you want your dog to sleep. 

 Clean it 

 Makes sure you make it a habit to clean the area where your dog sleeps every day. This might sound like a lot of work, but dogs can't really make their own beds now can they. Cleaning the area will help avoid dust bunnies, which are small balls of dust, fur and dirt clumped together, from forming. It's also easier to clean their sleeping area if you do it regularly, compared to letting the dust and dirt pile up and then cleaning them out. Sleeping areas where the dog spends more time lying down, such as in cases of degenerative myelopathy, will need regular cleaning to avoid health issues."

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