Who Invented And Founder of the LINE? History Of LINE - Biography of Lee Hae-Jin

Lee Hae-Jin  is the founder of the LINE mesengger app. He graduated with a technical degree at Seoul National University  South Korea  and started his career at Samsung SDS, a subsidiary of Samsung Group. Lee Hae-Jin is the founding fellow of Line Mesengger app, Lee is ranked 34th in the list of 50 richest people in Korea made by Forbes in 2013, in which his wealth is reported to reach 575 million US dollars. 

Financial experts ensure Lee's wealth comes from the growth of Line users, which has now exceeded 300 million users worldwide. The apps available on iOs, Android , and PC are available in 14 languages ​​with Japan, Thailand and Taiwan as their three largest markets. 

Lee Hae-Jin

Cecilia Hae-Jin Lee - Founder of LINE
Famous by name:  Lee Hae-Jin
Born : November 14, 1970, Seoul,
South Korea
Citizen : South Korea 
Master of Science, Korean Tech, 
Bachelor of Arts / Science, 
Seoul National University 

LINE is a free instant messaging app that can be used on various platforms like smartphones, tablets and computers . LINE is enabled by using the Internet network so that LINE users can perform activities such as send text messages, send pictures, video, voice messages, and others. LINE is claimed to be the best-selling instant messenger app in 42 countries. The name LINE is inspired by the crowds of people on public phones after the earthquake that occurred in japan. 

Unexpectedly, Line is in great demand and growing up. Even in October 2011, this service had experienced overload and disrupted because of the number of users.

LINE was developed by a Japanese company called NHN Corporation. LINE was first released in June 2011 and initially can only be used on iOS and Android systems. After the success of both systems are LINE entered in the operating system besutan BlackBerry. Lalau in 2012, LINE officially launched an application that can be used on Mac and Windows devices. 

The success of LINE as an instant messenger app is visible from users reaching 101 million in 230 countries worldwide. LINE ranked 1st in the free app category in 42 countries, including Japan, Taiwan, Spain, Russia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and others. LINE will officially open an office in Indonesia in mid-2012 

Line History 
LINE logo
LINE logo

Line began when a large earthquake that followed the tsunami in Japan in 2011. At that time, NHN employees, the company owner Line, was forced to connect via the Internet to each other. Therefore NHN inspired to build an application that is able to serve the various needs of consumers in one platform. 

Line allows users to send messages and calls through their smartphones. Line uses an existing Internet medium so calls and messages via Line are not withdrawn. To differentiate itself from other communication apps Line offers its own games, camera apps and social media platforms. Even Line Line's own social media platform also has a timeline and homepage, similar to Facebook. Line apps are available on iOS and Android platforms.

His famous Line of Stamps. Stamps itself is a funny emoticon, like a cartoon character. Line is popular because users in Japan are very fond of using funny emoticons instead of words. 

To be able to use LINE, you have to go through several steps as follows:

  • Download apps from LINE's official website or via an application store on each platform such as BlackBerry App World, Google Play, Apple Store, or Windows Marketplace.
  • Install the downloaded app
  • After installation, for your LINE ID activation code, will be sent SMS via your Mobile number.
  • Furthermore activation code you can enter into the column available for activation LINE.
  • LINE immediately activate and record contacts in your phonebook using LINE app and become your friend.
  • To start a chat with your friends, click on the name in your friends tab.
  • You can set the LINE settings tab to your preference from notifications, font size, to your profile. The settings consist of two namely Basic Settings and Privacy Settings.
  • You can search for friends by using QR code or by using the user ID name.

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