Who Invented And Founder of WHATSAPP? History Of WHATSAPP - Biography of Brian Acton and Jan Koum

Founder of WHATSAPP - Brian Acton and Jan Koum. WhatsApp is a messaging app for smartphones with basic BlackBerry Messenger like. WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform messaging app that allows us to exchange messages without the cost of SMS, because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan for email, web browsing, and more. The WhatsApp Messenger app uses a 3G or WiFi connection for data communications. By using WhatsApp, we can chat online, share files, exchange photos and more. 


Initially, WhatsApp is made for iPhone users, then along with its development, WhatsApp app is available also for BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian. As of November 2010, WhatsApp ranked third, the best-selling app downloaded through Nokia Ovi Store, after Swype and NHL premium center games.
Brian Acton
Brian Acton

WhatsApp Inc. was founded in 2009 by two men named Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Both are former senior workers at Yahoo's online giant. Both have been working on Yahoo in about 20 years. Jan Koum who originally had the idea of ​​creating an application that can broadcast status when someone can not be contacted for some reason. 

Koum also invites Acton to work with him. So then they created a start up technology company called WhatsApp Inc. located in Santa Clara, California. But the broadcast status app only attracts a few people. It was only when they added messaging functionality in the second half of 2009, WhatsApp exploded.

Jan Koum underwent a very poor childhood in a village on the outskirts of Ukraine, Koum transformed into a millionaire at the age of 37. 

But, the establishment of Koum is inversely proportional to what he experienced as a child. Jan Koum went to school where the school did not have a bathroom inside. With Ukrainian temperatures reaching -20 degrees centigrade, the disciples had to chill cold just to go to the bathroom. 

Like the communist country, Koum also felt difficult to establish communication. Because, at that time the Soviet Union did apply the communist system. So poor, Koum does not have a computer. The social life is completely closed. Jan Koum does not even own a computer until the age of 19 years.

WhatsApp Inc reportedly only employs about 20 people. Where most of them are technicians. Latest data in August 2012, WhatsApp sends 10 billion messages per day from its users worldwide. Whereas in April 2012, 'new' 2 billion messages are sent.
Jan Koum
Jan Koum

WhatsApp is available for all mobile operating systems that still exist. From iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS, BlackBery 10, Nokia Symbian, Nokia Series 40 and also Windows Phone. WhatsApp is not completely free. WhatsApp app on iPhone can be used for free for a year, then obliged to pay. Likewise on other platforms. 

WhatsApp Party said it was deliberately withdraw fees in exchange for a product that can be relied upon and without advertising. From the beginning, this app has been designed for paid so that the WhatsApp team can focus on developing the product. 

WhatsApp that was founded In 2009 had just purchased Facebook in February 2014 with a value of USD 19 billion or approximately Rp 282 trillion (USD = Rp 12,108). Jan Koum enters on the board of directors of Facebook .

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