Who Invented Cars and Motorcycles? History Of Cars and Motorcycles - Biography of Gottlieb Daimler

Who Invented Cars and Motorcycles? History Of Cars and Motorcycles - Biography of Gottlieb Daimler. Gottlieb Daimler - Inventor of Cars and Motorcycles. Gottlieb Wilhelm Daimler (born Däumler, March 17, 1834 - March 6, 1900) is known as an inventor and pioneer in the field of German automotive. In 1890 he managed to develop an internal combustion engine, and in 1883 Daimler invented a gasoline-powered engine, and patented a four-stroke engine. Daimler made the first car (along with Carl Friedrich Benz). 

In 1890, he founded Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft (DMG). Twenty-four years after Daimler's death, DMG's management signed a long-term cooperative agreement with Benz & Cie. owned by Carl Benz, and in 1926 the two companies merged to form Daimler-Benz AG, which is now part of Daimler AG. 

Gottlieb Daimler

Gottlieb Daimler
born: March 17, 1834, 
Schorndorf, Wuerttemberg
Died: March 6, 1900 (age 65)
Nationality: Germany
Occupation: Engineer, industrialist, 
automotive pioneer
Dikenal: Daimler Motoren-Gesellschaft 
(Daimler Motors Corporation, DMG

Motor First Motorized Engine
Motorcycle First Gasoline - Gottlieb Daimler
Motorcycle First Gasoline - Gottlieb Daimler 

Gottlieb Daimler invented the first gas-engined motorcycle in 1885, an engine attached to a wooden bike. It marks a moment in history when the development of a decent dual-powered gasoline engine and modern bike 

Gottlieb Daimler uses a machine that has been created by engineer, Nicolaus Otto. Otto invented the first "Four-Stroke Internal-Combustion Engine" in 1876. He called it "Otto Machine Cycle" As soon as he finished his engine, Daimler (Otto's former employee) built a motorcycle. (Daimler worked as technical director of Deutz Gasmotorenfabrik, owned by Nicolaus Otto co in 1872) 

First World's Four Wheel Car 
The First Four Wheel Wheel in the World
The First Four Wheel Wheel in the World 

First Four Wheel Wheel in the World 
Year 1885 Daimler-Maybach makes a machine that has the specifications: small, lightweight, fast, using carburetor gasoline injection, and has a vertical cylinder. The size, speed, and efficiency of the engine allowed for a revolution in car design. 

On March 8, 1886, Daimler took a stagecoach (made by Wilhelm Wimpff & Sohn) and adapted to hold the engine, then designed the world's first four-wheeled car. 

In 1889, Gottlieb Daimler created a V-inclined two-cylinder, four-stroke engine with a mushroom-shaped valve. Just like the 1874 Otto engine, the new Daimler engine sets the base for all the car engines going forward. 

Four Speed ​​Transmission 

In 1889, Daimler and Maybach built their first car. Daimler's new car has a four-speed transmission and gets 10 mph. 

Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft

Gottlieb Daimler founded Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft-in 1890 to produce its design. Wilhelm Maybach is behind the design of Mercedes cars. Maybach finally left Daimler to set up his own factory to make a machine for Zeppelin airships. 

First Automobile Race

In 1894 was held the world's first car race won by a car with a machine made by Daimler.
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