Who Invented The Kodak's roll film? History Of Kodak's roll film - Biography of George Eastman

Who Invented The Kodak's roll film? History Of Kodak's roll film - Biography of George Eastman. George Eastman - The inventor of Kodak's roll film and founder. George Eastman is the founder of Eastman Kodak Co. and found film rolls, and meritorious to disseminate photography. This roll film is the basis of the invention of motion pictures used by early filmmakers Thomas Alva Edison, Lumière brothers and Georges Méliès. 


Eastman was born in Waterville, New York, about 20 miles southwest of Utica, New York on July 12, 1854. His parents were a couple George Washington Eastman and Maria Kilbourn. At the age of 14 He was briefly expelled from high school and began work as a office officer.

On September 4, 1888, Eastman registered the brand coming Kodak, which he composed based on his favorite letters, and received a patent for his camera using a roll film. Here comes the phrase "You press the button, we do the rest." (You pressed the button, we worked on it afterwards) 
George Eastman

George Eastman 
(July 12, 1854 - March 14, 1932)

born: 12 July 1854 Waterville, 
New York, USA
Died:  14/3/1932 (age 77) Rochester, 
New York, USA
Rest : Ash is buried in 
Eastman  Business Park (Kodak Park)
Nationality : America
As: Entrepreneur, inventor, generous
Education: University of Rochester
Structure: Eastman Theater
pioneer  Photography founder of Eastman Kodak
Net worth: USD $ 95,000,000 
at the time of his death (about 1 / 611th of the US GNP)
George Washington Eastman (1815-1862)
and Maria Kilbourn (1821-1907)

Camera findings worth 25 US Dollars can be used to take 100 pictures with one roll film. Then, the user gives the roll film to Kodak for processing. This service at that time was priced at 5 Dollars. 

In addition to creating Kodak, Eastman contributed to the establishment of the Eastman School of Music from the University of Rochester led by Alfred Klingenberg.

In 1925, Eastman took off Kodak's day-to-day management, and assumed the post of chairman. After this period, he concentrated his activities on charitable activities. 

Disease and end of life

George Eastman's camera
Film roll. George Eastman 
patent no.388,850 
Two years before his death, he suffered a great pain, He had difficulty walking and standing. In modern medicine, it is possible that Eastman suffered from spinal stenosis, narrowing of the spinal canal due to inflammation. He continues to experience depression and days spent in a wheelchair. In 1932, he ended his life with a single shot and left a message, "My work is over. Why wait again?". Eastman was buried at Kodak Park in Rochester, New York. 

George Eastman's camera

In his life, he gave 100 million dollars, mostly to the University of Rochester and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (under the name of "Mr. Smith"). To commemorate his services, the University of Rochester built a building dedicated to Eastman. Eastman helped the Tuskegee Institute and Hampton Institute. His home on 900 East Avenue in Rochester became a museum of photography and film in 1947. To commemorate his 100th year of birth, Eastman was rewarded with the loading of his photograph on postcard stamps of the United States.

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