Who Invented The Small and Unique Objects? History Of Small and Unique Objects- Biography of Artur Fischer

Artur Fischer - The Inventor of Small and Unique Objects. Artur Fischer ((born December 31, 1919 in Tumlingen, Black Forest, Germany) is an inventor. His first patent registered in 1949 for Photo Flash Light, which is synchronized with a trigger. In 1957 he concentrate more on the improvement of the element.

His discovery of the most famous since 1958 is the "S Plug" gray (Split-) Wallplug made of plastic material (Polyamide) and available in various shapes and sizes.Currently He holds 1,080 patents and 5,867 trade rights and created fischertechnik and almost surpass Thomas Alva Edison , who holds 1,093 patents.
Artur Fischer

After graduating from high school, Fischer completed a metal internship job in Stuttgart. Then he was summoned for military service and assigned as a German parachutist and he fought in a second world war, he managed to escape from British kidnappers on one occasion.

After returning from exile in 1948, he founded the Artur Fischer-Apparatebau company and produced lighters and switches for the loom.

Some of Artur Fischer's Discoveries 

In 1949 he invented the flash for the AGFA sync camera, an invention that emerged from his wife's request for a photo of their daughter. With only low quality films and dark spaces, Artur realizes the need for a device for illumination on the subject of black photographs.

In 1958 he invented the most famous invention of the nylon / Wallplug wall plug , a device used to allow screws to be mounted onto masonry walls or wall walls.

In 1963 he found a flash cube - a small gadget. In 1964, he decided to give his business customers practical Christmas gifts. He was bored with the kind of 'free' that the company often gave at the time and wanted to make something a little unusual. It comes with the idea of ​​a fischertechnik building block , a fundamental component of the system we know today. As we know, this system is so popular that it decides to turn it into a product.

In 1966 the brand name 'fischertechnik' was founded and in 1970 has won the 'Game of the Year' award at the Paris Toy Fair.

Furthermore, Artur Fischer continues to create new inventions and now holds more than 1000 patents for diverse devices such as fischerTIP (building materials for children made from potato starch), CBOX fischer (CD storage system for cars), and bone spark plugs to fix broken bone.

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